My company has to put items into cardboard boxes, and in order to seal these boxes, we need a lot of adhesive. We can’t just go to a regular store and buy some off the shelves, because we need a lot more than they can supply. For our case, we have to order some from adhesive manufacturers on a large scale. Not all companies make the same kinds of adhesives, and they all don’t come in the same strength, so we had to a little bit of research before ordering some. This meant calling around and looking at many customer websites.

Once we found the right company to give us adhesives, we ordered a large batch from them. We have a special machine in our factory that allows us to put the adhesive on the boxes by squeeze it out as each one passes through an assembly line on a conveyor belt. The entire process of putting the adhesive on the boxes is fairly quick and all it takes is a simple press to adhere the adhesive to each side of the boxes. The adhesive doesn’t take long to dry, so can we continue working with the boxes in a short time period.

Without the large scale adhesive supply, our factory would be in quite bad situation. Our productivity would be way down and we wouldn’t be able to get out orders as quickly as our customers request them. In our line of business, being able to meet customer demands is necessary. When the customers don’t get what they want in a timely manner, they get angry and they will often will refuse to do business with companies in the future, which is something that we can’t afford. The adhesive not only holds our boxes together, but holds our business together.

Strong Enough to Hold It All Together