Save money by making smart decisions with Air Conditioners Brisbane. Since we all live in the Utah Valley, it is important to stay cool during the hot, dry summers. Here are some things that can help you save money with Utah air conditioning.

1.) Turn off the air when you leave your home. Don’t leave the AC running all day while you are gone. Yes, it will be hot when you get home. Yes, it is nice to come home from your hot car drive to a cool home. But the reality is that it doesn’t take that long for the AC to cool down your home.

Running the AC while you aren’t there to enjoy it is a gross waste of energy. Save money by only running the air while you are home. While your AC is starting enjoy a nice, cold drink of lemonade to cool off and save yourself some money.

2.) Close the registers in the rooms that are not being used. If you don’t need to use the air conditioner to cool off those rooms, don’t. You shouldn’t have to pay to cool down rooms that don’t need it. Ask your Utah air conditioning professionals how to close the registers, and how many can be closed.

3.) Use a programmable thermostat with a built-in timer for your AC units. Thermostats are a must if you want to conserve energy and lower your electricity bill. Timers are nice because you can program how long your air conditioning should go for, and when the air conditioning should go on. That way, if the home gets hotter than 79 degrees while you are at work it can be programmed not to run.

4.) Have the right size air conditioning unit. Professional Utah air conditioning companies are available to help you determine the right size unit for your home. If you have too small of an AC unit it will waste energy trying to cool down the huge amount of space. Too big AC units will waste energy because you don’t need that much energy to cool down the home.

5.) Keep your AC filter clean. Dirty filters are bad for AC units, and make them less efficient than they normally are. If AC units have to work harder because of their filter you are going to have more energy being used.

6.) Get rid of energy-guzzling AC units. Air conditioners today have been known to use 30-50% less energy than AC units from 1995. If your unit is that old, the odds are that you will do better to replace the system than continue to fix it when it breaks down.

Saving Money With Air Conditioning Systems