Just like any other field, some technology companies also experience a number of events each year. Various best and worst moments were also passed.

This is natural given that no one can predict the future. Well-prepared decisions or products may get a negative response from the public.

Therefore, there is little harm in remembering some of the important moments of some technology companies in the last year. Some of them can be seen from the following list which is quoted from Softeco, Sunday (15/01/2018).


2017 can be said to be Apple’s year of redemption. Because, in 2018 a number of loyal users of products company Cupertino, California, USA that felt no striking changes are present, both from the line of smartphones and computer products.

For starters, the company released the Mac Pro that many users have been waiting for. Not only that, Apple also released the iMac Pro with a distance that is not too far away.

At its peak, the company released the iPhone X. The so-called Smartphone will change the face of the iPhone for the next 10 years successfully reap a positive response from the public. Read Also our services

But that does not mean Apple travel smoothly. Toward the end of the year, the company made an unpopular decision to slow down the performance on some legacy iPhone to keep battery life time-consuming.

However, 2018 is predicted to be a promising year for Apple. The reason, the company has started sticking legs in the field of new technologies, such as augmented reality and virtual reality.


Since penetrated the hardware business, Google is known to have moved quite actively. This is demonstrated by the launch of two new smartphones, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL this year.

Both smartphones were also named as one of the smartphones with the best cameras today. On the other hand, Google’s hardware products are also beginning to be introduced gradually from app development .

One that stole the attention is the presence of smart speakers, namely Google Home Mini and Home Max. The company also introduced Pixel book as Chrome book Pixel.


Best and Worst Moment of Popular Technology Companies in 2017