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Win or Die: Leadership Secrets from Game of Thrones When it comes to the most anticipated business books of , Win or Die Leadership Secrets From Game of Thrones is the one to beat IncA guide to leading without losing your head, inspired by the bestselling books and smash television series Game of Thrones When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die There is no middle ground Cersei LannisterOne of the great joys of Game of Thrones is strategizing what bold moves you d make in this bloody, volatile world from the comfort of your living room And one of the great terrors of being a leader is knowing your real world can be just as brutal and offices bring no comfortEvery day you re presented with opportunities and challenges, and must decide which roads to follow, which risks to confront, when to deny an opportunity and when to pursue the call to adventure And you won t know whether you ll profit or fail while you re in the thick of it In Win or DieLeadership Secrets from Game of Thrones, Bruce Craven brilliantly analyzes the journeys of the best and worst leaders in Westeros, so that leaders can create their own narratives of successCraven considers beloved characters such as Ned Stark, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Tyrion Lannister as they make terrible decisions and fatal mistakes, but also achieve incredible victories and surprising successes, learning and growing along their often bloody ways Readers will learn how to face conflict and build resilience, develop contextual and emotional intelligence, develop their vision, andThis entertaining and accessible guide will show readers how to turn danger into opportunity, even when dragons threaten I have been a student of leadership for the last 25 years both of my parents were educators and students in leadership and passed on their interest to me I have held a number of positions throughout my life, and have attempted to learn and grow from each position I cannot emphasize how much I LOVE this book I m not even finished all the way, but I had to come on here and let you know how much I loved it.This book, written by Bruce Craven director of the Advanced Management Program at Columbia , takes the story of ASOIAF GOT and highlights the intrinsic details of leadership wins and pitfalls, showcasing how some of our favorite characters failed so terribly when the perspective of the show indicated that they were on the side of right Learning about character values and how Ned Stark, blinded by his own values, made the wrong alliances and judgements while still participating in the Game of Thrones really made me step back and think about how I was conducting myself as a leader Using ASOIAF GOT really got me excited to understand the Leader s Journey and helped me to understand new concepts I hadn t come across before.While books like this can sometimes be kitschy or talking down via a current media trend, I actually found ASOIAF GOT to be the perfect medium to deliver Craven s message GRRM has gone on record discussing how much of his work was inspired by England s War of Roses and the strategic elements are significantly highlighted over any of the battles within his work What I mean is that the strategic moves made within a battle prior to a battle are much of the focus vs glorifying simple fighting Being able to take parts from the series and use them to highlight critical leadership lessons is a great way to drive home their importance to the overall message.Personally, I would only recommend this book to those who have read the books watched the show AND are interested in growing as a leader If you re only the later, you won t get the points being driven home I tested this with my mom and she was less than not interested and if you re only the former, the leadership points are not exciting enough to a casual reader to keep you entertained for long I will be coming back once I finish the book only a few pages left to highlight any missed points, but overall, Craven did an excellent job with this book Nice book, with great tips. Very original inspiring Win or Die um livro interessante para quem gosta de estudar o tema lideran a e buscar a aplica o pr tica Tem como caracter stica diferencial a vis o da lideran a atrav s da fic o, algo n o in dito , mas peculiar quando se compara as a es do l der com as personagens de Games of Thrones O livro far sentido se voc viu a s rie da HBO Outro ponto positivo o autor embasar suas interpreta es com uma vasta indica o de outros pesquisadores na rea de neg cios e correlatas Um bom divertimento al m de propiciar ideias Abs William

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