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Username: Regenerated This is the second book in the Username series in fairness calling it a series is as much a shock to the author as anyone else and follows on from the first a little time has passed in the real world and while well written and very well illustrated in keeping with the feel and style of the first book and bound in a nice solid hardback, the story lacks a little of the subtlety of the first Joe Sugg stated in the intro, that he wanted to develop the characters depths, and while I can see that he has tried to do this with the characters surrounding Evie, it has been at the expense of further developing the leads role perhaps this is done in book 3 and it is for this reason alone this book gains only 4 stars.That is not to say its not a good story, it is and has a few twists that were not expected although I think that one of the major plot points is a little convoluted Mummy and that will make sense when you read it as I don t intend on plot spoiling here and it was nice to see the great reboot turn former enemies to allies for River. Bought this for my son for his birthday Its a real struggle to get him to read usually, however he got stuck into this straight away He s a huge fan of Joe Sugg, so I knew it would go down well. I bought Username Evie and Username regererated at the same time So when both the books turned up on my door step i was than excited to be able to read them I actually sat down to read them the minuet i got them, which my fiance was too happy about as I ended up zoning out and ignoring him until I had finished both of the books In some ways i felt like i could really relate to Evie with how she was looked at as a nerd and kind of like and outcast But not far into the first book i fell in love with the book and the characters When Joe Sugg announced that he was releasing the Username Series I just knew that i had to buy it and im so glad i did, it was and still is an absolute amazing read I deffinately reccomend to anyone who enjoys graphic novels especially to buy this, even if your not a fan of grapich novels or comics it is deffiantely worth the read Well Done Joe Sugg i bought the first book and loved it I couldn t wait when Joe announced his second book Hopefully he will be releasing soon The story line is amazing a binge read the entire book at once, never put it down I keep it pride of place next to my bed alike the first book of the username series. Step daughter absolutely loves this book art work and story The book is great quality and arrived well ahead of time Will be purchasing the rest of the collection Bought this for my friend s birthday along with the first book She loves it the book arrived in great quality Very pleased BOOKIN THE USERNAME SERIES BY JOE SUGGEvie is safe at home, but her heart remains in eape, the virtual world her father created for her She s desperate to return, but the app that transports her has corrupted in the great reboot When besotted geek, Lionel, offers to help, he doesn t just restore the gateway as she had planned He opens up a series of revelations that calls into question everything Evie treasures in life With a momentous discovery to be unearthed in the virtual realm, and an eape fugitive on the loose in reality, can our sidelined schoolgirl save not one world but two Great product Grandaughter asked for books for Christmas and loved this Excellent product

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