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US Grenade Launchers: M79, M203, and M320 (Weapon, Band 57) In An Effort To Provide The US Infantryman With Firepower To Cover The Range Gap Between The Hand Grenade And The Light Mortar, The Mm M Grenade Launcher A Shoulder Fired, Single Shot Weapon Entered Service With US Forces In Reliable, Easy To Use, And Lethally Effective, The M Soon Became An Iconic Symbol Of The Vietnam War And Had A Profound Influence On Small Unit Tactics As The Vietnam Conflict Continued, It Was Joined On The Front Line By Experimental Models Such As The Magazine Fed TE, As Well As Two Launchers Intended To Be Fitted Under The Barrel Of The New M Assault Rifle Colt S XM And AAI Corporation S M The M Remains In US Army Service Today, While The US Marine Corps Now Also Fields The M Multiple Grenade Launcher Like The M, A Standalone Weapon Featuring Full Colour Artwork, This Is The Story Of The Rugged And Formidable Grenade Launchers That Equipped The United States And Its Allies In Vietnam And Beyond From The S To The Present Day

5 thoughts on “US Grenade Launchers: M79, M203, and M320 (Weapon, Band 57)

  1. James D. Crabtree James D. Crabtree says:

    This book is a thorough study of the 40mm grenade launcher systems carried by soldiers of the U.S military Little did I know when I arrived at my line battery and was handed an M203 that a lot of thought and development had gone into the weapon.The grenade launcher was designed to cover the indirect fire dead zone between the reach of mortars and the throw of hand grenades U.S soldiers had pr

  2. julies-sex-toys.co.uk Customer julies-sex-toys.co.uk Customer says:

    Very interesting leaning about re US development of its rifle grenade replacement, the 40 mm grenade blooper, the under barrel grenade adaption


    thank you

  4. Jay B. Jay B. says:

    used them in Vietnam, good weapon

  5. Fred B. Reimer Fred B. Reimer says:

    Excellent coverage of a specialized weapons system.

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