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Unbroken Chain (Apogee Books Space Series) A Ground Shaking Document Of The Glory Days Of Manned Space Flight, This Autobiography, Told From The Perspective Of The Launch Pad, Captures The Birth And Blossoming Of NASA Filled With Colorful Stories And Anecdotes, Many Of Which Have Never Been Published, This Insider S Account Comes From The One Man Who Worked Side By Side Withand Was The Last Person Seen Bythe Astronauts From The Altitude Chamber And Various Simulators To The Environmentally Controlled White Room, This Life Story Is An Unprecedented Look Into The Early Days And Inner Workings Of Man S Space Exploration.

4 thoughts on “Unbroken Chain (Apogee Books Space Series)

  1. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Mr Wendt was the man who was on the spot, stuffing the guys with the right stuff into those tiny capsules His recolections are informative, witty, and just a good read All this would be enough but the DVD that comes in the back of the book is Priceless Guenter tells old launch s

  2. ebats.us Customer ebats.us Customer says:

    Great read and I have read just about everything available on Apollo over the last twenty years but this one comes from a different perspective Not a technical book, just fun and interesting.

  3. Ralph D. Welsh, Jr. Ralph D. Welsh, Jr. says:

    This is an excellent book on the US manned Space program from its beginning Excellent insite on programs, hardware, personnel combined in a very interesting story Very enjoyable reading.

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Wonderful book, have had it for several years and it is inscribed and signed by Guenter With his passing this weekI pulled the book off the shelf and read some of my favorite parts of it again Wonderful presentation of Guenter s experiences as Pad Leader for the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, ASTP, and early STS l

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