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Two Sides of the Moon For the casual reader with limited knowledge of early spaceflight, Two Sides of the Moon might be a worthwhile read There are some insights into the early Soviet space program that I found interesting But as someone who has read extensively about the space race, I found this book lacking Although the book is presented as a dual autobiography, it quickly becomes apparent that Scott and Leonov didn t write the book My first indication of that was when I began to notice the author, writing as Dave Scott, using phrases that no American would use, such as playing sport page 133 and juddering halt page 89 Turns out, the book was written not by Leonov and Scott, but by a British author, Christine Toomey That isn t necessarily a deal breaker, but if a writer intends to write an American astronaut s experiences in the first person as if she were him, it would be helpful to at least use phrasing an American might use.Leonov s account is written in the very generic style of someone whose words have been translated from another language That s understandable, since Leonov doesn t speak English Unfortunately, Scott s account reads exactly the same This book tells the stories of two men who flew combat missions over enemy territory, performed dangerous test flight work at the dawn of the jet age, and ultimately, rode intercontinental ballistic missiles into space But precious little of that excitement comes through in this book The excitement of those experiences is literally lost in translation.There are also problems not just with style, but also accuracy On page 127, Toomey, writing as Scott, states that John Glenn flew the first American manned spaceflight That must have been a great surprise to astronauts Al Shepard and Gus Grissom, both of whom flew into space in 1961 while Glenn wouldn t fly until the following year Of course, every astronaut would know which astronaut flew first, which raises a much larger question Did Scott and Leonov even read the finished book that bears their names And if a book isn t accurate even with basic facts, how can the reader trust the information that isn t public knowledge Toomey also attributes Pete Conrad s famous quote and personal motto If you can t be good, be colorful to Neil Armstrong I ve seen this quote attributed to Conrad literally dozens of times, never to Armstrong Armstrong, incidentally, was known to be good but could not be accused of being colorful This is almost certainly an instance where Toomey got her facts mixed up, and did not have the depth of knowledge about the subject matter to realize her mistake These examples and indicate to me that Ms Toomey interviewed Scott and Leonov for the book, then filled in a lot of blanks on her own Sometimes she gets it right, sometimes not.In the end, I just didn t trust that I was getting the real first hand account that I would expect from an autobiography For the time invested in this book, the reader s time would be better spent with one of the other outstanding books about the space race Carrying the Fire by Mike Collins comes to mind, as does A Man on the Moon by Chaikin, or for a look at the Soviet effort, Red Star in Orbit by Oberg Compared to those classics, I found Ms Toomey s effort disappointing. A Dual Portrait Of American Astronaut Dave Scott And Soviet Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov Discusses How Their Ground Breaking Careers Reflected One Of The Cold War S Most Heated Competitions, Describing The Apollo Soyuz Test Project That Marked The Beginning Of Their Decades Long Friendship , First Printing This book tells the story of the race to the moon, from two opposite points of view an americal astronaut and a russian cosmonaut How did they experience their own national space program, but also, how did they look at what the other side did Very well written One of the very best astronaut stories available. An outstanding account of the space race, from two astronauts cosmonauts who were at the center of it, but on opposite sides Both Leonov and Scott provide well informed inside views, taking turns with their chapters aligned according to chronology This means the reader gets an idea of how the events unfolded and what their impact was on the other side At the same time, you realize what great respect these space travelers have for each other, both being among the pioneers of their field A wonderful book I ve read almost all the astronaut books see my reviews.Christine Toomey the writer has created a fantastic, excellent book 5 stars She created a well blended group of stories from Astronaut David Scott and Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov.The book reads very well and has some nice pictures No boring parts, it s a page burner I read it in 2 1 3 days We see each man growing up and becoming tops in their profession.David Scott middle class, graduated West Point and MIT goes into the Air Force We see him becoming a test pilot at Edwards Air Force base and his experiences with his mentor Chuck Yeager We see his near death experience with Neil Armstrong in Gemini 8,later Apollo 9 and his moonwalk as commander of Apollo15 and all the great rock samples found and brought back Plus they had a hell of fun on that rover Even though Scott did nothing criminally wrong with Postal Covers based on Apollo 15, INMO we see his lack of proper judgement to even get involved and allowing NASA to take a black public eye NASA does not support Scott and hangs him out to dry As he retires from the Air Force and NASA we see his later business deals and the interesting companies he helped start.We see my favorite Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov from a large very poor family growing up in the USSR Even as a small child he had an interest in art and becomes a great space artist If I hit the lotto I d like to buy one of his smaller paintings.Many times Alexei s family was so poor that they had little to eat and Alexei had no shoes to wear.He is so proud one day the government gives out its ration and he gets a new pair of shoes girl s shoes but he don t care We see his acceptance into the military and becoming a test pilot and selected to become a Cosmonaut We see his good friendship with Yuri Gagarin and others and his friendship with the Supreme Designer head of the USSR spaceflights We see his success as the first man to do a spacewalk and being selected to be the Russians first man on the moon before their moon manned space program collapses We see his raise to a 2 star General before being thrown under the bus and forced to military resign by new Russian political leaders You can tell Alexei is still bitter about that But man o man Alexei is still a great artist Have you seen his works Great We also see a little about Mir, Skylab, talk of the ISS, our shuttle system and Russia s shuttle had 1 flight program scrubbed We even see Deke Slayton finally getting his ride in the Apollo Soyuz rendezvous and Slayton s mistake of hitting a thruster and striking the Soyuz The Russians kept that quite.We see Deke shaking hands with Leonov and the other Russian inside Apollo Soyuz Also the Russians kept it quite that the Americans were almost killed on reentry due to a poisonous gas leak in the spacecraft.Lots great stories, well laid out The book flows back and forth from Scott s and Leonov s views stories Great book 5 stars and highly recommended. Book is a true history of the American and Russian race to the moon Keeps your interest and learn a lot of what was not published, particularly about the Russians Book goes back and forth between the two space programs each chapter and is very intriguing. Found the book quite engaging and easy to read.I agree with the others the ghost writer for Dave Scott could have done a better job, but still good reading, very vivid descriptions of the Lift offs, Lunar experience etc.Decent job.Leonov lives up to his image and part in space exploration interesting material and also quite personal a lot less official than the Soviet officer would normally provide. sch n, dass es dieses Buch noch gibt Gute Einblicke, nette Story, bin per Zufall drauf gestossen, gutes Zeitzeugnis Guter Preis. Thanks a lot This book is great Arrived fast and in time.This is a present for my friend and I m sure that he ll be happy.

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