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Tuesday A Caldecott classic celebrating twenty years in printDavid Wiesner received theCaldecott Medal for Tuesday In the years that followed, he went on to receive two Caldecotts, and Tuesday went on to sell half a million copies in the United States and to be published in a dozen foreign countries Now, with remarkable advances in the technology of color reproduction, the original artwork for Tuesday is being reproduced anew, for an edition even faithful to the palette and texture of David Wiesner’s watercolor paintings The whimsical account of a Tuesday when frogs were airborne on their lily pads will continue to enchant readers of all ages A great deal of fun and so creative! I loved the humor and the adventures the frogs got into The expressions (on frogs and people) are so spoton and made me giggle A very fun adventure Wish there was a sequel giving us the adventure hinted at on the last page! :) To see this week's Wordless Picture Books, please visit by clicking HEREDavid Wiesner is a favorite as you know from some of my previous reviews He never ceases to amaze me and this book is such a beautiful and magical addition to our collection.The story begins in the early evening on a Tuesday and all is quiet at the pond All of a sudden, the frogs begin to levitate on their lily pads and travel into a nearby town They visit a woman watching TV, a man having a snack, and a dog running through a yard.The only text in the book is the indication that it’s Tuesday with the time Children love the watercolor illustrations and their imaginations can run wild with this story because it’s surreal.The idea of frogs traveling on lily pads is so magical and mysterious How did they do it, and will they be back again next Tuesday?5***** Such a delightfully enchanting picture book! We read a LOT of picture books when my kids were younger, but this one about frogs magically flying around town on their lily pads one fateful night was a favorite I'm pretty certain we checked it out of the library multiple times.Flying frogs FTW! All the stars!! Since I was reading David Wiesner and the Art of Wordless Storytelling I read or reread some of his picture books, at least three of which have been awarded Caldecott medals This is my favorite one, and the one that demonstratesand sweetly, humorouslyhis interest in surrealism, as it involves suddenly flying frogs, still on their lily pads On Tuesday, duh! Around eight And then we are inside a house where a guy is having his late night snack and as Grandma has nodded off at her tv show at 11:21 P M And again at 4:38 in an encounter with the dog.And then next Tuesday at 7:58 P M something else begins to fly well, okay, I won't say, even though a few thousand people have rated it so far I mistakenly ordered the book from the library with a children's math kit which features toy clocksyes, we can begin to learn to tell time, yay!and frogs and so on, to the delight of this house Kids again!

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