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The War on Normal People: The Truth About America's Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future From Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, A Captivating Account Of How A Skinny Asian Kid From Upstate Became A Successful Entrepreneur, Only To Find A New Mission Calling Attention To The Urgent Steps America Must Take, Including Universal Basic Income, To Stabilize Our Economy Amid Rapid Technological Change And Automation The Shift Toward Automation Is About To Create A Tsunami Of Unemployment Not In The Distant Future Now One Recent Estimate Predicts Million American Workers Will Lose Their Jobs Within The Next Twelve Years Jobs That Won T Be Replaced In A Future Marked By Restlessness And Chronic Unemployment, What Will Happen To American Society In The War On Normal People, Andrew Yang Paints A Dire Portrait Of The American Economy Rapidly Advancing Technologies Like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics And Automation Software Are Making Millions Of Americans Livelihoods Irrelevant The Consequences Of These Trends Are Already Being Felt Across Our Communities In The Form Of Political Unrest, Drug Use, And Other Social Ills The Future Looks Dire But Is It Unavoidable In The War On Normal People, Yang Imagines A Different Future One In Which Having A Job Is Distinct From The Capacity To Prosper And Seek Fulfillment At This Vision S Core Is Universal Basic Income, The Concept Of Providing All Citizens With A Guaranteed Income And One That Is Rapidly Gaining Popularity Among Forward Thinking Politicians And Economists Yang Proposes That UBI Is An Essential Step Toward A New, Durable Kind Of Economy, One He Calls Human Capitalism

7 thoughts on “The War on Normal People: The Truth About America's Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future

  1. C. Lehmann C. Lehmann says:

    Das beste Buch eine Politikers das ich je gelesen habe.Es beschreibt keine Vision, es ist besser Es ist eine profunde Analyse der aktuellen Situation, der anstehenden Herausforderungen f r die Gesellschaft, der wahrscheinlichen Konsequenzen und die L sungen die dieser Politiker vorschl gt empfinde ich

  2. Peter Monien Peter Monien says:

    Politics seems to repeat, every time it is just another flavor And it doesn t get much better No visions, just keep on going Andrew Yang is different He is facing the big struggles of our time and has answers A wave of automation and job loss is no longer a dystopian vision of the future it s well under way The

  3. pseudonym pseudonym says:

    facts Of course society studies are not only about quantitative research but Yang explains the background of those figures in an easylie understandable way.

  4. David S. David S. says:

    Ich bin ber den Podcast bei JoeRogan Andrew Yang, seinen pers nlichen Werdegang und seine politischen Ambitionen, 2020 amerikanischer Pr sident zu werden, aufmerksam geworden Sogleich hab ich sein Buch bgeonnen zu lesen und kann es jedem von euch nur w rmstens an Herz legen.Bei Andrew geht es um Daten und Wissenschaft, nicht um lee

  5. Nolia Nessa Nolia Nessa says:

    It s hard to be in the year 2018 and not hear about the endless studies alarming the general public about coming labor automation But what Yang provides in this book is two key things automation has already been ravaging the country which has led to the great political polarization of today, and second, an actual vision into what happens whe

  6. Wen Luo Wen Luo says:

    Andrew Yang writes a well thought out piece on the issues facing America today and gives a suggested solution in the form of Universal Basic Income.There were 2 things that stood out to me about his book, 1 the growing disillusionment of the young male population, and 2 what it means to be normal and the bubble many elites live in.Communities of angry

  7. Zach Zach says:

    I literally jumped out of my bed in excitement halfway through reading this book.Andrew Yang completely nails what has caused many of the problems in the US His simple description of the human effects from automation, and his major policy recommendations to fix them are both a strong reality check and extremely inspirational.Whether you re Republican or Democra

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