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The War on Normal People It s hard to be in the year 2018 and not hear about the endless studies alarming the general public about coming labor automation But what Yang provides in this book is two key things automation has already been ravaging the country which has led to the great political polarization of today, and second, an actual vision into what happens when people lose jobs, and it definitely is a lightning strike of oh crapI found this book relatively impressive and frightening Yang, a former lawyer, entrepreneur, and non profit leader, writes showing with inarguable data that when companies automate work and use new software, communities die, drug use increases, suicide increases, and crime skyrockets The new jobs created go to big cities, the surviving talent leaves, and the remaining people lose hope and descend into madness as a student of psychology, this is not surprising He starts by painting the picture of the average American and how fragile they are economically He deconstructs the labor predictions and how technology is going to ravage it He discusses the future of work He explains what has happened in technology and why it s suddenly a huge threat He shows what this means economic inequality rises, the people have less power, the voice of democracy is diminished, no one owns stocks, people get poorer etc He shows that talent is leaving small towns, money is concentrating to big cities faster He shows what happens when those other cities die bad things , and then how the people react when they have no income really bad things He shows how retraining doesn t work and college is failing us We don t invest in vocational skills, and our youth is underemployed pushed into freelance work making minimal pay He shows how no one trusts the institutions any.Then he discusses solutions with a focus on Universal Basic Income I was a skeptic of the idea until I read this book You literally walk away with this burning desire to prevent a Mad Max esque civil war, and its hard to argue with him We don t have much time and our bloated micromanaged welfare programs cannot sustain. From Entrepreneur Andrew Yang, The Founder Of Venture For America, An Eye Opening Look At How New Technologies Are Erasing Millions Of Jobs Before Our Eyes And A Rallying Cry For The Urgent Steps America Must Take, Including Universal Basic Income, To Stabilize Our Economy The Shift Toward Automation Is About To Create A Tsunami Of Unemployment Not In The Distant Future Now One Recent Estimate Predicts Million American Workers Will Lose Their Jobs Within The Next Seven Years Jobs That Won T Be Replaced In A Future Marked By Restlessness And Chronic Unemployment, What Will Happen To American Society In The War On Normal People, Andrew Yang Paints A Dire Portrait Of The American Economy Rapidly Advancing Technologies Like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, And Automation Software Are Making Millions Of Americans Livelihoods Irrelevant The Consequences Of These Trends Are Already Being Felt Across Our Communities In The Form Of Political Unrest, Drug Use, And Other Social Ills The Future Looks Dire But Is It Unavoidable In The War On Normal People, Yang Imagines A Different Future One In Which Having A Job Is Distinct From The Capacity To Prosper And Seek Fulfillment At This Vision S Core Is Universal Basic Income, The Concept Of Providing All Citizens With A Guaranteed Income And One That Is Rapidly Gaining Popularity Among Forward Thinking Politicians And Economists Yang Proposes That UBI Is An Essential Step Toward A New, Durable Kind Of Economy, One He Calls Human Capitalism PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your Library Section Along With The Audio Ich bin ber den Podcast bei JoeRogan Andrew Yang, seinen pers nlichen Werdegang und seine politischen Ambitionen, 2020 amerikanischer Pr sident zu werden, aufmerksam geworden Sogleich hab ich sein Buch bgeonnen zu lesen und kann es jedem von euch nur w rmstens an Herz legen.Bei Andrew geht es um Daten und Wissenschaft, nicht um leeres, rethorisch irref hrendes Gequatsche.Liegt dir die Welt am Herzen I literally jumped out of my bed in excitement halfway through reading this book.Andrew Yang completely nails what has caused many of the problems in the US His simple description of the human effects from automation, and his major policy recommendations to fix them are both a strong reality check and extremely inspirational.Whether you re Republican or Democrat, Andrew clearly proves that automation is real and having a negative effect on our society Most importantly, instead of just identifying the problems, he suggests bold but still realistic policy solutions that can prepare us for this new reality.It s a quick read, easy to understand and Andrew throws in a few good laughs along the way.Simply put This is a must read for all Americans. Andrew Yang writes a well thought out piece on the issues facing America today and gives a suggested solution in the form of Universal Basic Income.There were 2 things that stood out to me about his book, 1 the growing disillusionment of the young male population, and 2 what it means to be normal and the bubble many elites live in.Communities of angry young men is nothing new, but in the last 10 years they have had a explosion of growth as people retreat from social interactions and just give up with a nihilistic air to them groups like MGTOW or TheRedPill are great examples Yang addresses the man child that sees no future when he points to what many online communities of angry men preach, women graduate from college, it s hard to climb up unless you were born into it, let s just give up, and etc etc He further notes how this damages our social fabric, from the increasing drug usage to decreasing marriage rates to decreasing civic engagement The disillusionment as mentioned is talked about, but recognizing the desire to retreat into video games was a relate able feeling that other leaders have not talked about.But despite the growing problem within people outside of the intellectual class, we as a country live in a divided world such that while only 30% of Americans have bachelors degrees, if we have a Bachelors degree ourselves, chances are we only know people with bachelors degrees as well He further notes that the elites in our country that went to MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and etc go to work in the same places and the same companies and hang out with each other further segmenting themselves off from society This is self evident in the last election where many liberal Americans were caught blindsided by the Trump win that tapped into a large vein of discontentment.Yang clearly illustrates and trends and diagnoses the problems, his solution he puts forward will stand debate over the coming years as I suspect it s not the last we hear of it What is clear is that the issues he outlines are undeniable and need to be addressed with new ideas as opposed to of the same. Politics seems to repeat, every time it is just another flavor And it doesn t get much better No visions, just keep on going Andrew Yang is different He is facing the big struggles of our time and has answers A wave of automation and job loss is no longer a dystopian vision of the future it s well under way The numbers have been telling a story for a while now that we have been ignoring More and people of prime working age have been dropping out of the workforce There s a growing mass of the permanently displaced Automation is accelerating to a point where it will soon threaten our social fabric and way of life It will happen in stages First, there will be automated trucks with a human driver as a failsafe The technology will allow truckers to go beyond their current 11 hours per day on the road as the driver will be able to rest and do other things during long stretches This will increase the productivity of trucks and equipment, and likely reduce the wages of truckers as the pay scale changes The next stage will have convoys of trucks with the lead truck having a driver and the others following automatically, which lowers wind resistance and fuel costs There will be docking stations outside urban areas where drivers will enter the trucks for the last 10 miles.The simple truth is Companies are paid to perform certain tasks, not employ lots of people Increasingly, employing lots of people will mean that you re behind the times The test is not Will there be new jobs we haven t predicted yet that appear Of course there will be The real test is Will there be millions of new jobs for middle aged people with low skills and levels of education near the places they currently reside facts Of course society studies are not only about quantitative research but Yang explains the background of those figures in an easylie understandable way.

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