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The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources This Unique And Fundamentally Liberating Book Shows Us That Examining Our Attitudes Toward Money Earning It, Spending It, And Giving It Away Can Offer Surprising Insight Into Our Lives, Our Values, And The Essence Of Prosperity Lynne Twist, A Global Activist And Fundraiser, Has Raised Than Million For Charitable Causes Through Personal Stories And Practical Advice, She Demonstrates How We Can Replace Feelings Of Scarcity, Guilt, And Burden With Experiences Of Sufficiency, Freedom, And Purpose In This Nautilus Award Winning Book, Twist Shares From Her Own Life, A Journey Illuminated By Remarkable Encounters With The Richest And Poorest, From The Famous Mother Teresa And The Dalai Lama To The Anonymous But Unforgettable Heroes Of Everyday Life

6 thoughts on “The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources

  1. Rebecca C. Rebecca C. says:

    Very helpful book I enjoy reading it The author is using very gentle language to describe the relationship with money.

  2. Amity Amity says:

    It makes me sad to see how many reviews are focused on what kind of advice this book had to offer about acquiring money The acquisition of material wealth is exactly the opposite of what this book is about This book is a life changing manifesto about how to examine our attitudes toward money and material wealth, at an individual and global

  3. AuraelC AuraelC says:

    I started reading this book in early December and fell in love with it As a financial professional with a great deal of spiritual experience, I work with my clients on clarifying their relationships with money I felt like Lynn Twist was speaking to the mind and heart of the issues that keep many of us in a state of fear and scarcity I wish E

  4. Jennifer M. MacLeod Jennifer M. MacLeod says:

    Was different than what I expected Still, I experienced a shift that has already brought mental relief, and I m trying some new things with money My favorite line was something like, Take a stand and the money will follow Incredible stories throughout and warm, conversational tone.

  5. J. E. Caffey J. E. Caffey says:

    While the book was interesting and certainly reinforced the powerlessness of many women through out the world, I felt no huge shift in my attitude towards money I ve always advocated helping those less fortunate, but I would like to see what we give creating opportunities for self reliance, not generational welfare The book generally embraces

  6. 12th-century.se Customer 12th-century.se Customer says:

    Highly recommended for those of us who are trying to understand the ins and outs of fundraising as a non profit.

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