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The Sociology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained Exploring Than Of The Big Ideas And Key Theories In The Field Of Sociology In A Clear And Simple Way, This Is The Perfect Introduction To The Study Of How Humans Live And Interact With Each Other Covering Diversity And Equality, Globalization, Human Rights, Modern Urban Living, And The Role Of Work And Institutions, The Sociology Book Looks At The Big Questions Of How We Co Operate What Is Society What Makes It Tick Why Do We Interact In The Way That We Do With Our Friends, Co Workers, And Rivals The Perfect Way To Explore This Fascinating Subject, The Sociology Book Profiles The World S Most Renowned Sociologists And Than Of Their Biggest Ideas, From The Early Pioneers Karl Marx And Auguste Comte To The Groundbreaking Work Of Sharon Zukin And Judith Butler Each Sociological Theory Is Made Crystal Clear With The Help Of Quirky Graphics, Pithy Quotes, And Step By Step Summaries That Explain Each Idea In An Easy To Grasp Way

7 thoughts on “The Sociology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

  1. Ikada Ikada says:

    I thought I would just peruse the book, reading about this or that sociologist or idea or topic but then I ended up reading the whole book from cover to cover A great introduction to the issues and conceptual challenges in sociology What I particularly appreciated is that it is very up to date and include

  2. Peter Pieck Peter Pieck says:

    Eigentlich keine schlechte Idee Die wichtigsten soziologischen Autoren und ihre Ideen in kurzen Artikeln vorzustellen und zwar in einer Sprache, die auch jemand versteht, der nicht 10 Semester im soziologischen Oberseminar gehockt hat Nat rlich fragt man sich sofort, wer kommt in den auserw hlten Kreis und

  3. Family Family says:

    I bought this hoping to introduce my homeschool son to the study of sociology his senior year as he is not planning on attending college It was not what I was hoping, not what I remembered from my college class which I enjoyed very much This book was a criticism of everything good in society marriage, famil

  4. Rick Smith Rick Smith says:

    We got our son all the books from this line Sociology, psychology, economics, history, and philosophy They are great and easy to follow with lots of graphs and pictures Our son is a freshman in high school and has no problem following the chapters Great for reference as well

  5. Enjoyedtheproduct Enjoyedtheproduct says:

    Conspiracies of social control are prevalent on the internet with little peer reviewed sources This Sociology Book breaks down various theories into a scientific explanation as to why societies behave the way they do Underneath the propagated surface of American Consumerism lies a dirty underbelly of oppresse

  6. Angela Angela says:

    I really like this book, as a Sociology major college student, this book really helps break down social issues and history in concise explanations I love the info graphics as well as the colors Well organized, I believe this book can be helpful and applied in any field of life.

  7. Tennessee Tennessee says:

    It s a great introductory book to an interesting form of science and subject, it has a lot of important people, subfields and terminology that you can further research The ideas are simplified but not over simplified so that it s easier to grasp and later search and explore about I also like it s sleek, simple

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