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The Snowy Day Winner of theCaldecott Medal No book has captured the magic and sense of possibility of the first snowfall better than The Snowy Day Universal in its appeal, the story has become a favorite of millions, as it reveals a child s wonder at a new world, and the hope of capturing and keeping that wonder foreverThe adventures of a little boy in the city on a very snowy day Keats s sparse collage illustrations capture the wonder and beauty a snowy day can bring to a small child Barnes Noble Ezra Jack Keats s classic The Snowy Day, winner of theCaldecott Medal, pays homage to the wonder and pure pleasure a child experiences when the world is blanketed in snow Publisher s Weekly The book is notable not only for its lovely artwork and tone, but also for its importance as a trailblazer According to Horn Book magazine, The Snowy Day was the very first full color picture book to feature a small black hero yet another reason to add this classic to your shelves It s as unique and special as a snowflake

10 thoughts on “The Snowy Day

  1. jo jo says:

    Until The Snowy Day published in 1963 , American children s books featured white children as the heroes if you know of one that didn t, I d love to hear about it In the biography on his website, Ezra Jack Keats says Then began an experience that turned my life around working on a book with a black kid as hero None of the manuscripts I d been illustrating featured any black kids ex

  2. Hilary Hilary says:

    This looks as if it s a well known favourite in the US but we had not seen this book and it couldn t be found in the library We suggested they bought a copy, and obligingly they did This is a lovely story of a young boy waking up to the excitement of his landscape transformed by snow The colours and patterns in this book are beautiful, the simple concept of adventuring in the snow and

  3. Mariah Roze Mariah Roze says:

    This was a really cute, simple story that my students enjoyed

  4. Alex Alex says:

    One of the great children s classics, and one of my kid s favorite books, and one of mine too I love the beautiful art the snowflakes on the last page, and the pattern on Peter s mom s dress I love how uncalculated it is, how little it seems to be trying It operates on a young kid s wavelength This year around the holiday season there were Snowy Day stamps, and every card we got that had one, my

  5. Calista Calista says:

    I loved this book I wanted to read something about winter and snow I miss having snow and I miss Michigan The artwork is quiet and muted like snow It is simple and really helps set the tone of the story This is for younger kids or kids of all ages It is simply told which again sets the tone perfectly.As we read this book, the kids would say, I ve done that , or we made snow angels this years or We di

  6. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    Here are the things I discovered about Mr H, my grandson with this book He wants to skiHe s four years old and has never seen anyone ski in real life Also, Mr H is hoping for lots and lots of snow this winterhe doesn t have to shovel And last, he loves this book and Peter is his new friend Now, if you will excuse us, Mr H has discovered the joy of making footprints in the play doughwhile standing on the t

  7. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    The minimalist art really adds to this story of discovery Will take you back to a time when the world was filled with endless possibilities.

  8. Ronyell Ronyell says:

    The Snowy Day is a Caldecott Medal Award winning book by Ezra Jack Keats that details Peter s adventures on a snowy day The Snowy Day is clearly one of Ezra Jack Keats most enchanting books for children Ezra Jack Keats has done a great job at both illustrating and writing this story Ezra Jack Keats illustrations are truly creative and colorful to look at as the characters and the environment surrounding them look l

  9. B. P. Rinehart B. P. Rinehart says:

    Ezra Jack Keats was a children s writer illustrator primarily active during the 60s 70s He was the 3rd child of Polish Jewish immigrants and lived much of his life in his native Brooklyn, NYC I could go on about that but what I want to focus on is this book and Mr Keats literary canon in relation to me in the 1990s The book is a very simple tale of a little boy who goes out and explores his neighborhood in the snow noth

  10. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Gosh, this cover just takes me back to my childhood I don t know that the book was ever a favorite of mine, but I do remember the little boy in his snowsuit I was obsessed with that snowsuit and his fun in the snow I ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Ezra Jack Keats and have read several of Peter s stories through the years.I still adore Peter s excitement over the snow, and the simple but loving way his story is told I

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