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The Science of Game of Thrones: A myth-busting, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping and fun-filled expedition through the world of Game of Thrones Ideal pressie for a Game of Thrones fan. great, son in law loves it Bought as gift for got fan V pleased Arrived in good time and condition.bit unique but a good read Bought as Christmas present but now want it myself. Nice and funny book. A new twist on science trivia books, is there any real life scientific basis for the fantasy happenings in Westeros, the Game of Thrones sort of medieval sort of Dark Ages setting Could dragons really exist and if not, why not Is there anything as deadly as wildfire in our world Confession I got this because I love science trivia, not because I love G.O.T., and I still really enjoyed it.For someone who loves or even just enjoys both elements, this is a great choice, a book to get them away from the screen, reading and extending their knowledge.I loved Terry Pratchett s Science of Discworld series which covers similar ground This book is in a somewhat lighter vein, slightly towards popular science Helen Keen has a witty, light and engaging style that draws the reader in and keeps them reading Summary Deep, informed and accurate scientific knowledge marries with what has to be a G.O.T obsession to produce an enormously readable book, packed with facts Amusing cartoons pepper the pages, there are experimental scientific ad breaks some familiar to those who watch Q.I All three sciences are well covered A delight. There has been a slight uptick in the geek chic world of late, and this fits perfectly into that category If you have ever wanted to have an in depth conversation on the ability of dragons to fly around, and burn people to death with the fire breath a lot of energy is needed for this , then this book is for you.Every question is thoroughly investigated, no matter how silly the initial idea, and it always has that wry twist to it The author balances the tightrope of being informative and entertaining that QI always manages to get right You will hopefully learn something while being subtly amused and sometimes horrified see the mind control section.Now not every topic in this book hit my funny bone, or satiated my need for scientific discovery, but overall I found this book quite interesting from the first page too the last.It would be an excellent Christmas present for any slightly geeky, Game of Thrones fans. A myth busting, mind blowing, jaw dropping and fun filled expedition through the world of Game of ThronesDo dragons actually exist Is it possible to crush a person s head with your bare hands What really happened when royal families interbreed How does wildfire win wars Can you really kill someone with molten gold Award winning comedian and popular science writer Helen Keen uncovers the astounding science behind the world s most popular television show Join Helen as she sifts the fact from fantasy, discovers the truth beneath the togas, and reveals a world fantastical than Daenerys Targaryen s wildest dreams So pour yourself a bowl of brown, climb on your beast of burden, and prepare yourself for an amazing adventure It s time to see the Seven Kingdoms as you have never seen them before This is a really fun look at the science behind fiction In Game of Thrones there are dragons, magic and fantasy So this is a romp through such subjects as whether dragons really exist, the psychology behind revenge, the science of astral projection and consider whether magic really exists Author Helen Keen manages to straddle the fine line between being educational and also entertaining As such although this is obviously written to appeal to fans of the books tv show, it also will appeal to those lovers of fantasy books generally and will teach you than a little science My son is a big fan of her radio 4 show, It is Rocket Science, and so I am familiar with her humour and style and this is very much replicated here From genetics, to language, this is an easy read, which Keen makes interesting, entertaining and accessible.

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