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The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 14 The Heavenly Emperor of Q ten Lo is after Raphtalia s life To ensure her saftey, Naofumi must team up with the country s revolutionaries to overthrow him But when they go about fixing the problems of the country s misrule, it drives the emperor even further into a corner Nevertheless, Naofumi decides to add fuel to the fire by capturing the country s former capital But he learns that someone is pulling the strings from behind the curtain Whatever Our only choice is to keep pushing forward There s no stopping now Just before Naofumi s party reaches the former capital, they come face to face with the emperor s ultimate line of defense Sadeena s sister Faced with Q ten Lo thrown into chaos by family feuds, what will Naofumi do Lead its people to revolution Join the battle in volume fourteen of this otherworldly revenge fantasy

About the Author: Aneko Yusagi

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 14 book, this is one of the most wanted Aneko Yusagi author readers around the world.

15 thoughts on “The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 14

  1. Cesar Eli Cesar Eli says:

    It arrived in perfect state and right at the release scheduled time.The story gets even interesting in this volume with the closure of the Q ten Lo arc, it has a great amount of action with the multiple major fights that occur through it, pretty good character introduction development and the right amount of feels by the end of the volume.If you are a fan of the series this will not disappoint you, in fact it will make you happy as

  2. Michel Borille Michel Borille says:

    Finalmente o a invas o a Q ten Lo come a, eu achei simplesmente fant stico O romance entre o Naofumi e Raphtalia continua a sua evolu o a curtos passos, os outros relacionamentos se indireitam A autora mostra mais do drama de outros personagem Em geral foi uma timo light novel e estou no aguardo dos pr ximos volumes.

  3. Client Kindle Client Kindle says:

    As it s been for the last 7 volumes the quality is really not great but it s still enjoyable despite how cliche it has become That said this volume has a surprisingly low number of fight for an invasion arc, which is for the better as they ve never been the serie forte instead it focus on the backstory of some characters and introduce some new one who has so far been quite interesting There s also some bit of good comedy so overall it look like a

  4. Cliente circuitwiringdiagram.co Cliente circuitwiringdiagram.co says:

    The shield hero series are ready well written This volume has a good mix of action and funny moments Recommended for all fans of this serie.

  5. Hugo Hugo says:

    Llego a tiempo y en excelente condiciones

  6. Client Kindle Client Kindle says:

    Ce livre est assez vide, on a l impression que l auteur voulait le terminer au plus vite, c est assez dommage

  7. Psychicwave Psychicwave says:

    Great read

  8. N#0 N#0 says:

    Finally, that this book arrives One word I can describe this volume disappointed.I like this arc because I want to know about Raphtalia s parent and their homeland, and we got to see Siltvelt We learn about Sadeena s background, some characterization for her and her sister in this volume.The bad guy is not fleshed out She s one note and described as being like Bitch Our heroes only met her ghost and she said only had a handful of sentences She s just evil.The rebellion barely had much r

  9. tyler2441 tyler2441 says:

    I love the shield hero series, but this book really felt kinda like filler to me which sounds odd considering this deals with Raphtalia and Sadeena s past Make no mistake we ve had detours from the mystery of the waves plot from time to time, but this particular detour was just kinda thrown together Much like the nation of Q ten Lo, everything is really detached from the main plot despite setting up a few interesting plot hooks in the previous book like the spirit pacifier weapons The antagonist

  10. Ramon Ramon says:

    The invasion of Q ten Lo continues as Naofumi seeks to punish the heavenly emperor who has ordered Raphtalia s life be ended A thrilling chapter filled with exciting battles and a deeper insight into Raphtalia s shrouded past.That being said, the waiting period between volumes 13 and 14 was massive, spanning almost double the months between previous volumes.Gramatically the writing is quite good, with only minor slips here and there in the form of a missing letter or an extra period comma The translatio

  11. Phillip B. Phillip B. says:

    Not sure if it s because I binged the first 13 volumes then had to wait a few months for this one to come out, but the writing in this volume isn t very good Everything is super rushed and characters are using new techniques I haven t even heard mention before willynilly.There are also a lot of errors in translation The fight scenes were pretty bad too especially in the last half It s just annoying to read oh also I was of course blocking for everyone in the middle of a fight when he was last placed in battle w

  12. J. Skeggs J. Skeggs says:

    Maybe its just me, but this book was a huge let down and I couldn t finish The prior 13 books were fantastic and I couldn t wait for this one It just seems different The entire first 15% of the book basically felt as if every character had to say something at every action, and it became obnoxious Maybe I will come back to it in the future, but that is unlikely.

  13. Robert Henderson Robert Henderson says:

    This one definitely wraps up the events from the last book I really don t mind the deviation from the webnovel as it flushes out the world and characters a lot The light novels definitely read as a concise and polished tale Looking forward to the next one.

  14. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Was really excited for this book I love the shield hero series This seems so thrown together, so rushed to get to the next book There wasn t a single fleshed out antagonist and the split focus on so many characters was both confusing and exhausting It seemed like as soon as I wanted to learn or see where this line of interaction goes it ended This is the first shield hero book I haven t given five stars because for the first time im not excited for what comes next.

  15. MidnightFreak MidnightFreak says:

    Another great installment in the series that I love However, there were many parts that were translated poorly enough to annoy me An example is when a line was indicated by she said but in the next sentence it was revealed that a male actually said the line.

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