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The Old Cape Teapot Mystery with a touch of history Join present day amateur sleuth Nancy Caldwell in this tale of treasure and a pair of pirates that crisscrosses centuries and locales from Antigua to Cape CodNancy uncovers a pirate mystery in the historical fiction, The Old Cape House Was she lucky or a good detective Now she returns in The Old Cape Teapot, the second in a series, to follow the trails of two survivors from the wreck of thepirate ship Whydah Armed with the knowledge that in pirate culture the looted riches were equally shared, she takes us to the tropical island of Antigua and back to Cape Cod searching for clues to treasure Using alternating chapters from the th to the st century, danger and conspiracy follow her at every turn What will help her this time During a sunset stroll across Brewster s tidal flats on Cape Cod, the author Barbara Eppich Struna found a blue flowered pottery shard from an old dinner plate An avid storyteller, several What if this piece was or Maybe it belonged to scenarios sparked her imagination Barbara felt compelled to continue the story of the Bellamy Hallett legend and the adventures of contemporary Nancy Caldwell in her second historical fiction, The Old Cape Teapot

About the Author: Barbara Eppich Struna

When the author and her husband Tim, a professional artist, turned forty in the late 1980s, they moved from Ohio with their family to an old 1890 house in Brewster on Cape Cod The Cape s history, culture, and brilliant natural light drew them in this was a place where Tim could paint and Barbara would write A storyteller at heart, Barbara s imagination took flight after she unearthed a mysterious pattern of red bricks under ten inches of soil behind her barn She conjured up a connection to the Bellamy Hallett legend, and her first novel was born.She is an internationalbest selling author and currently a member of International Thriller Writers, Sisters In Crime National, NE LA, Member in Letters of the National League of American Pen Women, President of The Cape Cod Writers Center, and two writing groups Always a journal writer, she is fascinated by history and writes a blog about the unique facts and myths of Cape Cod.

10 thoughts on “The Old Cape Teapot

  1. Roger Roger says:

    A book set on Cape Cod, a book involving piracy, let me read this one.What a disappointment Pedestrian, narrative style all over the place and in need of serious editing to remove inconsequential material Tries to hit all manner targets and misses them all A

  2. Paul Groffie Paul Groffie says:

    The talent and ability of Barbara Struna to write a book that keeps the pages turning is remarkable As we read this continuation of the first book The Old Cape House we share Nancy Caldwell s journey to findtreasure on the beloved Cape Nancy s uncanny skill andimpo

  3. jospeh jack jospeh jack says:

    IN MY OPINION, THIS IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY The author has weaved a truly disgusting stupid son character The other characters are nearly as dimwitted as her husband I have read literally over a hundred books.Just in the previous year of 2019 I am disabled and spend each d

  4. Kate Kate says:

    Okay I should have known better since the first book was so badly written, but I wanted to hear the rest of the story I m only a few pages in and so far the author has changed the ages of 3 of the 5 children Daniel can t be born and then 5 less than a year later Molly goes from

  5. Cyndi Fowles Cyndi Fowles says:

    the Old Cape TeapotThe writer has definitely improved I breezed through this book and enjoyed every minute of it.The plot was good and the characters developed Dialogue was believable and so were reactions to various events.I would readin this series.

  6. Joan Michalcik Fox Joan Michalcik Fox says:

    Quick reading with a lot of wrap up action at the end, tho it wasn t difficult to figure out who the bad guys were going to be One of the unsolved mysteries for me is, What the heck does Nancy have against Martha

  7. Heidi Heidi says:

    Great sequel to The Old Cape House More pirate treasure to be found Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys Everyone wants a piece of the treasure.

  8. Elaine Onstad Elaine Onstad says:

    2nd in the seriesNancy Caldwell, who was nearly killed in a home invasion in book 1 has not learned anything from those events On the trail of a new treasure, she naively talks too much about her quest to the wrong people Bad things ensue.

  9. Susan Ham Susan Ham says:

    A ok ay summer readI enjoyed the first book about the pirate Sam Bellamy This book was a disappointment Nancy Caldwell wasof a dimwit sharing way too much information I skimmed through the last chapters just to finish it Done with this series.

  10. Sandi Sandi says:

    I won this book through Goodread s Giveaways and thoroughly enjoyed reading it Living just west of the Cape, it was fun recognizing local places, and learning some history as well I find myself fascinated with pirate legends and this book certainly added to that fascination It was a fun read, with just the right amount

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