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The Mystery of Easter Island: The Story of an Expedition Easter Island is one of the most remote locations on earthLocated over two thousand miles off the coast of Chile, the Rapa Nui people live isolated from the rest of the world The inhabitants, who had settled on the island at some point betweenandAD had developed their own unique culture, language, mythology, art and sculptureEuropeans had first stumbled upon the island and its inhabitants in , yet even by the early twentieth century little was known or understood about Rapa NuiKatherine Routledge, a British archaeologist and anthropologist, decided to organize an expedition to the island and record the fascinating way of life and beliefs of the Rapa NuiWith support from the British Association for the Advancement of Science, the British Museum and the Royal Geographical Society, and a crew borrowed from the Royal Navy, Routledge and her husband set out on their ship, the Mana, on th March Routledge in her book, The Mystery of Easter Island, documents all the aspects of this lengthy expedition, including the year long journey travelling across the Atlantic, visiting Madeira, Grand Canary, the Cape Verde Islands, Brazil, Argentina, sailing through the Strait of Magellan, and finally Chile before landing on Easter Island in March While on the island Routledge records in brilliant detail how the inhabitants lived, their oral history and legends that had been passed down through generations, their religious beliefs and cults prior to the emergence of Christianity on Easter Island, as well as the famous the prehistoric remains on the island including the huge numbers of Moai statuesThe final section of the book covers the return section of the voyage, visiting Pitcairn Island, Tahiti, the Hawaiian islands, San Francisco, going through the Panama canal, Jamaica and various other Caribbean islands before finally finishing the journey in SouthamptonKatherine Routledge published her survey of Easter Islandas The Mystery of Easter Island, which became a popular travel book in the early twentieth century She suffered from schizophrenia for most of her life and was eventually institutionalized inand she passed away there in I have a copy of the volume printed for the author and given by the authors Scoresby Routledge wrote the end part to my grandparents in 1917 So it is good to see the book brought to a much wider audience with this edition The style is matter of fact, and one has to stand back to appreciate what was achieved against difficult circumstances About two thirds of the book is about Easter island, the remainder covers the journeys out and back The reproduction of the black and white photos is rather disappointing, but the book is well worth reading, particularly if you are thinking of visiting Easter Island or indeed if you already have made a visit. I knew Mrs Routledge was one of the first people to take a serious scientific interest in the Island but I didn t know the extent of her and her husbands s adventure Isolated on the island they were surprised to see German warships arrive she had not heard that world war 1 had started.Her interest in the island led her to talk to may locals and try and find out as much as she could from the remaining inhabitants If you have any interest in Rapa Nui as it should be called now you must read this book.Only 4 stars because of no photos I know hundreds were taken but I would guess that this book was rendered for Kindle by OCR, with very little attention given to proof reading In the first few percent of the book read, punctuation is frequently missing and misspellings occur Please, please make the effort to rectify this to help the reader. A great book, very interesting not only regarding Easter Island but the journey as a whole But missing a massive amount of punctuation, making for a difficult read. This is an excellent book bought after seeing a documentary on Easter Island She is an excellent recorder and observer of the people and place. Interesting and easily read, but shows its age by some of the attitudes and opinions expressed, which jar against modern outlooks Nonetheless, a good introduction to the island s history and people, and the significance of its location. This is an excellent read, an intelligent travellogue covering a big canvas, but with Easter Island as the principal focus I have not read a better, considered view of the island s mysterious past Very much to be recommended. The Mystery of Easter Island was originally published in 1919, based upon the research of an English lady, Katherine Routledge, who lived on the island in 1914 15 She learned the Rapanui language and interviewed all the old people she could find who still remembered the past The we now know about the archaeology of Easter Island, the better this material looks Routledge did excavations, camped out all over the island and accumulated vast quantities of research material A must read for someone going to Easter Island. Recommended by a young woman who is copying the journey starting next year when crew and sponsors have been found.

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