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The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis From one of the worlds most celebrated moral philosophers comes a thorough examination of the current political crisis and recommendations for how to mend our divided countryFor decades Martha C Nussbaum has been an acclaimed scholar and humanist, earning dozens of honors for her books and essays In The Monarchy of Fear she turns her attention to the current political crisis that has polarized American since theelection Although todays atmosphere is marked by partisanship, divisive rhetoric, and the inability of two halves of the country to communicate with one another, Nussbaum focuses on what so many pollsters and pundits have overlooked She sees a simple truth at the heart of the problem the political is always emotional Globalization has produced feelings of powerlessness in millions of people in the West That sense of powerlessness bubbles into resentment and blame Blame of immigrants Blame of Muslims Blame of other races Blame of cultural elites While this politics of blame is exemplified by the election of Donald Trump and the vote for Brexit, Nussbaum argues it can be found on all sides of the political spectrum, left or right Drawing on a mix of historical and contemporary examples, from classical Athens to the musical Hamilton, The Monarchy of Fear untangles this web of feelings and provides a roadmap of where to go next

15 thoughts on “The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis

  1. Sam Read Sam Read says:

    Arrived well on time and in excellent quality

  2. Frank Frank says:

    Ho la versione in formato kindle Ottimo libro scritto con uno spirito oggettivo e critico Molto interessanti i paralleli della situazione politica e quelle dell antichit Atene, impero romano , che si rivelano molto attuali.L autrice riesce bene di riflettere sulle

  3. Hande Z Hande Z says:

    Using literary characters and stories from Proust to Aeschylus, from the Oresteia to Emile , Nussbaum explains the nature of ear and what it means to be afraid, and what terrible things fear leads us to do Fear is usually born out of ignorance and prejudice Nussbaum

  4. Peter T. Brown Peter T. Brown says:

    This book gave me hope for the future of America than anything I had read or heard since the presidential election of 2016 This is a Philosopher s systematic summary of why there is so much yelling, screaming and accusing going on in America It is not a book that wi

  5. James G. Swanson James G. Swanson says:

    Martha Nussbaum always enlightens and enrichens our lives and she is probably the brightest, and most productive, of the geniuses at the Law School of the University of Chicago Probably the best analysis of our current political predicament Why isn t Martha on the Sup

  6. George Beddingfield George Beddingfield says:

    As a fiction reader and writer I found parts of this excellent treatise tedious That said, it held my interest from start to finish and gave incredible insight into the near fictional events that are unfolding in this country s democracy day by day Well titled Fear can

  7. mariahilff.de Customer mariahilff.de Customer says:

    This book is even important today after the publication of Bob Woodward s book Fear , because Nussbaum gives us a valuable analysis why the rich and powerful not just President Trump and Republicans want to instill fear in the general population She gives us some const

  8. Shazz James Shazz James says:

    A well written and timely piece from one of my favorite authors She presents a perspective that is different from the mainstream but often it is the faintest drumbeat that is most worth paying attention too Martha continues to do stellar work in unpacking our emotions, w

  9. Paulo C. Ribeiro Paulo C. Ribeiro says:

    Martha Nussbaum is my favorite modern philosopher She strikes a nearly perfect balance between logic and empathy I have always appreciated the weight she has given to emotion in human affairs while acknowledging that only by tempering emotion with reason can we have healt

  10. Chuck M. Chuck M. says:

    Martha Nussbaum is a trained philsopher who practices her trade at the Univeersity of Chicago Law School Monarchy of Fear is vintage Nussbaum Greek visitors, ethical twists, woven text A didactic writer, Nussbaum approaches elements that have invaded our politcal dialogue

  11. Susan Ellermann Susan Ellermann says:

    A must for social justice direction today.

  12. Ronald Marcano Ronald Marcano says:

    It was adequate.

  13. Scott Wright Scott Wright says:

    Martha Nussbaum is an excellent writer, and her record and continuing role in contributing to philosophical perspectives and connecting Greek and Roman perspectives to the current human condition is impressive In this publication, Nussbaum talks about her academic role, and t

  14. Gvozden Flego Gvozden Flego says:

    Fear as basic emotion is well conceived but too descriptively elaborated

  15. Donald N. McGregor Donald N. McGregor says:

    An interesting read Worth the effort.

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