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The Meritocracy Trap: How America's Foundational Myth Feeds Inequality, Dismantles the Middle Class, and Devours the Elite A Revolutionary New Argument From Eminent Yale Law Professor Daniel Markovits Attacking The False Promise Of MeritocracyIt Is An Axiom Of American Life That Advantage Should Be Earned Through Ability And Effort Even As The Country Divides Itself At Every Turn, The Meritocratic Ideal That Social And Economic Rewards Should Follow Achievement Rather Than Breeding Reigns Supreme Both Democrats And Republicans Insistently Repeat Meritocratic Notions Meritocracy Cuts To The Heart Of Who We Are It Sustains The American Dream But What If, Both Up And Down The Social Ladder, Meritocracy Is A Sham Today, Meritocracy Has Become Exactly What It Was Conceived To Resist A Mechanism For The Concentration And Dynastic Transmission Of Wealth And Privilege Across Generations Upward Mobility Has Become A Fantasy, And The Embattled Middle Classes Are Now Likely To Sink Into The Working Poor Than To Rise Into The Professional Elite At The Same Time, Meritocracy Now Ensnares Even Those Who Manage To Claw Their Way To The Top, Requiring Rich Adults To Work With Crushing Intensity, Exploiting Their Expensive Educations In Order To Extract A Return All This Is Not The Result Of Deviations Or Retreats From Meritocracy But Rather Stems Directly From Meritocracys Successes This Is The Radical Argument ThatDaniel Markovits Prosecutes With Rare Force Markovits Is Well Placed To Expose The Sham Of Meritocracy Having Spent His Life At Elite Universities, He Knows From The Inside The Corrosive System We Are Trapped Within Markovits Also Knows That, If We Understand That Meritocratic Inequality Produces Near Universal Harm, We Can Cure It When The Meritocracy Trap Reveals The Inner Workings Of The Meritocratic Machine, It Also Illuminates The First Steps Outward, Towards A New World That Might Once Again Afford Dignity And Prosperity To The American People Other books have pointed out that manufacturing jobs, beginning in the 1970 s were sent overseas to the cheap labor of near slaves to increase profits for the greedy owners This book however is completely blind to that fact Those job losses gutted the middle class and increased wealth for the top 10% Now, greedy employers are eagerly bringing in slaves , the illegal immigrants, to drive wages down for the few remaining jobs of the middle class Again, the author is blind to all of that He thinks we should pity the wealthy because some of them are working longer hours Doing what Taking clients to lunch, dinner and strip clubs The top 10 % have refused to share the wealth since the 1970 s They have gotten obscenely rich, while everyone else has gotten poorer Greed is a sin, Gordon Gekko was wrong. The author describes well the problems with our current meritocracy The deployment of elite skill in finance, law, and management has worsened inequality and has created unfulfilling work environments for all It has also failed to live up to its promise of increasing economic growth In fact, there is good evidence that increasing utilization of elite skill in finance has hampered economic growth and created an epidemic of personal indebtedness I would add that it misallocates talent into inherently non productive sectors Does anyone think we are better off having the best and brightest from Princeton working at Goldman or Bain Where the author loses me, a bit, is when decides to group specialist physicians with the elites in finance, law, and management It is hard to make the case that the utilization of elite skill has been a negative in medicine The outcomes in almost every area where elite skills have been deployed in healthcare show otherwise Note the vastly improved outcomes in orthopedics, ophthalmology, and cardiology over the last forty years These are the areas where elite skills and technology have most taken hold Yes, the specialists in these fields exploit their hard earned personal capital, but this is to the great benefit of society and personal fulfillment of most practitioners Full disclosure I am a specialist physician who trained at elite institutions.The author points out correctly that healthcare costs in the US are out of line with the rest of the world He also notes there is inequality within medicine, but does not quantify it I can help there A specialist physician earns about 20 times the lowest paid healthcare worker and approximately five times the average NP and PA This inequality is not new and is nothing like that seen in elite finance, law, or management.The author s cure for excessive US healthcare costs and inequality within medicine is to replace physician specialists with NPs and PAs This will do very little to control global healthcare costs and will increase inequality between specialist physicians and other providers The only area where NPs and PAs can decrease costs is by having them replace primary care physicians And because primary care physician services are just a fraction of total healthcare costs replacing them with these mid level providers will have very little impact on total healthcare spending NPs and PAs are cheaper than primary care physicians But, on a per hour basis this savings is only about 20% Replacing every single primary care physician with an NP or PA would yield a onetime cost savings of about 2% of global healthcare spending And remember PAs and NPs are categorized as employees so they can unionize, are paid by the hour, and get time and a half for overtime, and large pay differentials for weekend and nights I would predict in short order an all NP and PA primary care workforce would likely increase total healthcare spending.The reason why NPs and PAs are already being extensively utilized is they allow specialist to concentrate on areas where their elite skills are fully utilized and highly reimbursed Examples of this are dermatologists utilizing NPs for routine skin care so they can concentrate or Moh s surgery or cosmetic procedures Or having a PA free up an orthopedic surgeon from office visits and hospital rounding so they can concentrate on operative procedures Thus, the utilization of NPs and PAs tends to increase the income of specialist physicians further exacerbating the income inequality in medicine the author decries.Overall I really enjoyed the book But, I would recommend the author consult experts in healthcare before creating the false equivalence between specialist physicians and other elites.

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