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The Mercies After A Storm Has Killed Off All The Island S Men, Two Women In A S Norwegian Coastal Village Struggle To Survive Against Both Natural Forces And The Men Who Have Been Sent To Rid The Community Of Alleged WitchcraftFinnmark, Norway, Twenty Year Old Maren Bergensdatter Stands On The Craggy Coast, Watching The Sea Break Into A Sudden And Reckless Storm Forty Fishermen, Including Her Brother And Father, Are Drowned And Left Broken On The Rocks Below With The Menfolk Wiped Out, The Women Of The Tiny Northern Town Of Vard Must Fend For Themselves Three Years Later, A Sinister Figure Arrives Absalom Cornet Comes From Scotland, Where He Burned Witches In The Northern Isles He Brings With Him His Young Norwegian Wife, Ursa, Who Is Both Heady With Her Husband S Authority And Terrified By It In Vard , And In Maren, Ursa Sees Something She Has Never Seen Before Independent Women But Absalom Sees Only A Place Untouched By God And Flooded With A Mighty Evil As Maren And Ursa Are Pushed Together And Are Drawn To One Another In Ways That Surprise Them Both, The Island Begins To Close In On Them With Absalom S Iron Rule Threatening Vard S Very Existence Inspired By The Real Events Of The Vard Storm And The Witch Trials, The Mercies Is A Feminist Story Of Love, Evil, And Obsession, Set At The Edge Of Civilization

10 thoughts on “The Mercies

  1. Maureen Maureen says:

    Vardo, Norway, Christmas Eve 1617, a remote northern settlement where a storm of unusually immense and vicious proportions, completely wipes out the menfolk in this small fishing community, leaving the womenfolk bereft and without the means to provide for themselves.Eighteen months later, the women ha

  2. Emer (A Little Haze) Emer (A Little Haze) says:

    The Mercies is Kiran Millwood Hargrave s first adult fiction novel having previously written both middle grade and YA novels I had previously read her book The Island at the End of Everything and while I admired her writing in that I was not wholly convinced as the narrative felt too simplistic a finding I put

  3. karen karen says:

    I remember once when runes gave you comfort, when sailors came to my father to cast bones and tell them of their time left to come They are a language, Maren Just because you do not speak it doesn t make it devilry back in the reviewing saddle.so, no as i anticipated, this was not scary enough to be a true october is spo

  4. Collin Collin says:

    Norway 1617, the town of Vardo Maren Bergensdatter and Diinna are just two of the women who have made their way through the slashing rain to the edge of their island to watch a terrible, colossal storm raining down havoc and destruction on the little fishing fleet caught in the middle of it Maren and the other women are not aware

  5. Abbie | ab_reads Abbie | ab_reads says:

    4.5 stars gifted picadorbooks If you re at all interested in witchcraft which I apparently have been this month, and always then you ll want to keep an eye on one of Picador s most anticipated titles of 2020 The Mercies is set around the 1620s in Finnmark, Norway after a freak accident kills almost all the men in a remote community, which l

  6. Calzean Calzean says:

    It is a small world Just 4 weeks ago I was in Vardo which is the scene of this most impressive novel which is based around the true events of a mighty storm that killed 40 men, the persecution of the Sami people and the infamous witches trials of the early 17th century There is a strange isolated but beautiful set of memorials at Vardo that pays trib

  7. K.S. Marsden K.S. Marsden says:

    Maren and Ursa are from very different backgrounds, but they are women in a world run by men Their friendship is the only bright light, and even that might not be enough to save them.I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Maren has grown up Vard , a small community where the men go out to sea fishing, whilst the women tend the h

  8. Samantha Shannon Samantha Shannon says:

    I ll let my quote sum up my response to this masterpiece With her characteristic tenderness and prose that tides between the carnal and the sublime, Kiran Millwood Hargrave illuminates one of the darkest chapters of our history In The Mercies, she sweeps us to a place that dazzles and reeks and chills to the bone, where the hearts of women roar louder than storms

  9. Emma Emma says:

    You think it mercy, what has happened here To think otherwise is a sin Such a tragic tale of love lost and found Beautifully written, evocative and brutal setting, the claustrophobia and tension of an isolated fishing village captured in grim detail.

  10. Nigel Nigel says:

    In brief Very well written very bleak indeed.This is set on the remote Norwegian island of Vard On Christmas Eve 1617 forty fisherman set out to fish A sudden, freak and very violent storm kills all of them Among them are Maren s father and brother She watches it happen This is her story of the aftermath The writing immediately creates a feeling of a cold and bleak land where the men who t

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