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The Mammoth Book of Space Exploration and Disaster (Mammoth Books) (English Edition) In The Words Of Those Who Trod The Void And Those At Missioncontrol, Here Are Over Of The Greatest True Stories Of Suborbital,orbital And Deep Space Exploration From Apollo Sfirst View Of A Fractured, Tortured Landscape Of Craters On The Dark Side Of The Moon To The Series Of Cliff Hanger Crisesaboard Space Station Mir, They Include Moments Ofextraordinary Heroic Achievement As Well As Episodes Of Terriblehuman Cost Among The Astronauts And Cosmonauts Featured AreJohn Glenn, Pavel Beyayev, Jim Lovell, Neil Armstrong, BuzzAldrin, Valery Korzun, Vasily Tsibliyev And Michael FoaleIncludes First Walk In Space By Sergei Leonov And Histraumatic Return To Earth Apollo S Problem The Classic,nail Biting Account Of Abandoning Ship On The Way To TheMoon Docking With The Frozen, Empty Salyut Space Stationthat Had Drifted Without Power For Eight Months Progresscrashes Into Mir The Astronauts Survive Death By A Hair Sbreadth Jerry Linenger S Panic Attack During A Space Walk, Just Out There Dangling

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    Please forgive me the unthinkable..I am reviewing a book having never seen it beforehence the medium 3 star grade.I quote from the information above and ask that you just LOOK at it..Series Mammoth BooksHardcover 1 pagesPublisher Robinson Publishing January 2

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