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The Mammoth Book of Slasher Movies (Mammoth Books 409) (English Edition) An engrossing A Z of overgory years of slasher and splatter movies, from Danny BoylesDays Later to Lucio Fulcis Zombie Flesh Eaters Here you will find the low down on overmovies with entries fromdifferent countries The index, which includes every movie mentioned in the A Z and accompanying notes, runs tomovies The book includes the list of video nasties which the UK government attempted to ban Quite good but too much information about obscure foreign films. It s not terrible, just contains a whole lot of reviews of non slasher movies The reviews themselves are quite basic, and despite going way beyond the bounds of what anyone would consider slashers and admitting itself that it does , it s also nowhere near comprehensive It ends up feeling like a completely random grab bag of reviews of horror with no running theme to it I also found myself disagreeing quite consistently with the reviewer He has a blurb about his love of 80 s VHS horrors but it s really not reflected in his reviews Taste is subjective, but after reading this I would not consider him the right man to write any kind of book reviewing horror beyond as an exercise in flexing his own opinion. Present Recommended for all those interested in the horror genre and very useful as a reference guide Well worth the money.

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