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The Long Run: A New York City Firefighter's Triumphant Comeback from Crash Victim to Elite Athlete (English Edition) I decided to read Matt s book after seeing a portion of it in a recent issue of Runners World magazine As a marathon hopeful signed up for NYC 2011 , this book is definite motivation and inspiration This book isn t quite as crisp as Lance Armstrong s, but it is still worth the read As other reviews have pointed out, some of the sections can be tough to read the details are gruesome of Matt s accident and the physical state he was left in This book is a good cure for depression if this guy can pull it together enough to run a marathon again, none of the rest of us have the right to complain about much This book is also a tribute to NYC s finest I know most people hold them in high regard well deserved , but this book only strenghens the reputation and strong character of the NYC Fire Department This is a relatively quick read and recommended. The Book Is Open And Honest At Times, Almost Painfully So And Readers Will Be Horrified By Long S Ordeal And Inspired By His Determination To Get Back As Much Of Himself As He Could BooklistA New York City Firefighter S Emotional And Inspiring Memoir Of Learning To Run Again After A Debilitating AccidentOn The Morning Of December Matt Long Was Cycling To Work In The Early Morning When He Was Struck By And Sucked Under A Ton Bus Making An Illegal Turn The Injuries He Sustained Pushed Him Within Inches Of His Life Miraculously, Than Operations And Months Later, Matt Was Able To Start His Recovery In Spite Of The Severity Of His Injuries, Matt Found The Psychological Consequences Of The Accident Nearly As Hard To Process He Would No Longer Be Able To Compete At The Highest LevelIn The Months Before The Accident, He Had Competed In Than Events Including Several Triathlons And Marathons And Had Qualified For Running S Most Prestigious Race, The Boston Marathon After The Accident, His Doctor Told Him He D Be Lucky If He Could Even Walk Without A Cane The Long Run Is An Emotional And Incredibly Honest Story About Matt S Determination To Fight Through Fear, Despair, Loneliness, And Intense Physical And Psychological Pain To Regain The Life He Once Had The Book Chronicles Matt S Road To Recovery As He Teaches Himself To Walk Again And, A Mere Three Years Later, To Run In The New York City Marathona Gimpy Seven And A Half Hour Journey Through The Five Boroughs Running Saved My Life, Matt Says, And His Embrace Of The Running Community And Insistence On Competing In The Marathon Has Inspired Many, Turning Him Into A Symbol Of Hope And Recovery For Untold Numbers Of Others Last year 2010 , while cheering friends on at Ironman Lake Placid, I briefly met Matt Long He was just as you read in this book full of energy and a gracious host Over the year, I had forgotten about this book I had pre ordered it at , but as I packed for my 5th Ironman event, I remembered Matt s story and grabbed the book Wow, I m glad I did though I probably could have skipped reading the part about his accident the night before my event Matt takes you through each stage of his painful and inspirational journey It is all real You can feel how he felt He doesn t hide the self pity, the frustration, the depression He doesn t always have a stiff upper lip What he does have is focus and determination, and amazing friends and family Most of us would not have survived what he did, and of the very few that did, we would not have found the resolve that Matt did to take his life back.Read the book and be inspired to achieve what you want to achieve athletic or not If Matt can do what he did, you can do what you want Thanks, Matt pick up the Long Run and read Matty Long s story Long, former NYPD firefighter, marathon runner and triathlete was almost killed by a bus during an illegal transit strike riding his bike in NYC and this is the remarkable story of his fight for survival and recovery from life threatening injuries.I almost didn t make it past the accident description as the gruesome nature of Long s injuries left me sick to my stomach The physical trauma Long and his body endured and his excruciating recovery process is almost unimaginable Even remarkable is the variety of near tragedy the Long family had gone through, although I ll refrain from any details to keep some suspense Ultimately, the books power comes from not only Matt s remarkable physical recovery it is not a fairy tale ending , but also his emotional recovery He opens himself up to reveal the deep emotional scars the accident caused and how he was able to overcome those wounds This is a story of immense impact, a journey to the deepest depths of despair and the dark road back how a life altering moment left Matt Long a different person physically, but an even greater inspiration to others far beyond his pre accident circle of family and friends Only those with a cold heart couldn t find this story and Matt Long a true inspiration and hero Next time I m feelling a bit pessimistic or complaining about a small thing, I m going to think about Matt and his story and realize just how much I have to be thankful about THANK YOU Matt Long for sharing your remarkable story. I saw Matt Long on the Daily Show as he was being interviewed After hearing him speak and Jon Stewart showing obvious respect for him, I decided to check out the book.Once I started this book, it was very hard to put down It is not a pity party in book form, but rather a real man who faced a horrible outcome from his collision with a bus during the NYC transit strike The book is written in the first person with help from Charles Baxter It tells the story of a man who wouldn t quit and for whom family is deeply ingrained.I read the book from the perspective of a disabled person I have been told that I am something of an inspiration to others, but after finished The Long Run, I have recommitted myself to working harder with what I do have left.This book would make a great gift to any long distance runner, triathlete, or anyone who is facing physical adversity.Keep doing your thing, Matt We who follow you salute you

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