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The Lies That Bind Updated May 6, 2020 I don t support racist authors. My eyes rolled so far back into my head I m typing this review blind. I ve always felt that if something or someone seems too good to be true than it or they probably aren t showing us all their cards Cecily, a young woman working as a journalist in NYC has just ended a long term relationship with Matthew It s only a short time later that she is feeling down while in her apartment, alone, and she decides to grab a drink in a local bar She ends up bringing home a total stranger, Grant, and they apparently fall head over heels in love This inauspicious beginning did not bode well for a good outcome There are many hints that things aren t right with this guy, he doesn t take her to his home, he is away a lot and shows up at times in the middle of the night, uninvited Cecily is a late 20 s woman and I felt that she was portrayed as being very naive, most women I think would have caught the signs that something wasn t right with Grant He does tell her about his twin brother who is very ill, and that is another part of the story I ll leave you to discover.The first half of the book I felt was entertaining enough and I did turn the pages quickly to find out what our heroine was going to do next Unfortunately, for me, I felt that the plot was predictable, and I pretty much knew what was going to happen.I thought the time spent in the novel about 9 11 was very good It demonstrated just how horrible things were for the people in NYC and the grief that surrounded the city I enjoyed the character of Scottie, her gay, best friend whom she calls frequently for advice although she seldom follows it Grant s twin brother was a difficult character to understand, but we don t really know much about him except for his battle with illness There is another character, Amy, who comes across as very unrealistic particularly when she is supposed to be grieving for her dead husband.This was still possibly a 4 star book for me until the ending The Lies That Bind definitely have Cecily tied into a relationship which doesn t seem sustainable I will leave you to discover the ending which was pretty unbelievable to me at least.I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss This book will publish on June 2, 2020. If you enjoyed Something Borrowed, you ll love The Lies That Bind.They re essentially the same story, only one is set against the heartbreaking backdrop of the 9 11 attacks In fact, Rachel, Darcy, and Ethan even make an appearance in this story, which was funand a little nostalgic I couldn t help but picture them as they looked in the film.AnywayIn the spring of 2001, following a devastating break up with her boyfriend, Cecily meets Grant in a random NYC bar What follows is a roller coaster relationship which ends abruptly on 9 11, when Grant presumably dies in the World Trade Center s south tower Like all Emily Giffin s novels, I could hardly put my Kindle downgirlfriend can suck her readers in like a Dyson sucks in St Bernard hair Her secret Her intensely likable and relatable characters Cecily with her big family and Midwestern values Grant with his unconditional dedication to his twin brother and although stereotypical, even closeted Scottie, who is funny and fabulous My one and only complaint, and it s a small one, was Cecily s wishy washy decision making Otherwise, all my reading buddies should grab a copy of this novel for themselves when it s published on June 2, 2020 Many thanks to the publisher for my review copy. There s not much I can say without ruining the entire plot, but this book was predictable and so cringeworthy it makes my eyes roll into the back of my head just thinking about it The characters are all terrible human beings and have no redeeming qualities whatsoever And on top of the abhorrent characters, the author uses 9 11 as a fun, entertaining backdrop with absolutely no emotional detail or significance whatsoever It s as if the main character couldn t possibly be bothered with a national tragedy when she is involved in a love triangle although I am not sure I would call what she has with either men love Overall, I would not recommend this book Thank you as always to the publisher for the ARC, these honest opinions are my own. I was really enjoying this book I was all set to defend this book against the bad reviews.Then I hit the 80% mark.No No, no, no.9 11 is central to this plot so this is not a spoiler But the author uses it in such a rude, disrespectful, infuriating way This is inconsiderate to the families who lost loved ones on that day It s offensive and degrading to those who lost their lives.I m disappointed in the author for trivializing such a monumental event A terrorist attack is not fodder for entertainment Full stop.This book was infuriating and the plot twist offensive 1 Wow I hate to give a such negative review to an ARC but every character in the book was an appalling human being I really felt like this book was disrespectful to people who were affected by the 9 11 tragedy I guess you could say I couldn t put it down but I kept reading just to see if the plot would go go where I horrifically thought it would and unfortunately it did. ARC provided via netgalley This may sound harsh, but I am just going to come right out and say that this was one of the worst books I ve read lately The premise started out strong, and then midway through, the book just dove straight into the ground I feel like I just watched a horrible Lifetime movie and that s saying a lot The premise sounds promising Cecily meets a stranger in the bar named Grant, who talks her out of drunk dialing her ex They forge an incredible connection, but after the 9 11 attacks, Grant is presumed dead Cecily can t begin to forget Grant or the love they shared, and the she tries to move on, the harder it is One day Cecily sees Grant s picture on a Missing poster, and she becomes determined to find out about Grant s life I was quite invested in the book until Cecily dials the number on the poster, but then events become simply far fetched after that Characters that I was once rooting for became at once utterly deplorable I grew quite tired of Cecily s back and forth between Grant and Matthew, her lying, how close she became with Grant s wife, Grant s deceit and how he all but gets away with it at the end there is no way he wouldn t have gone to prison longer, no matter how tragic his motivation for the crime and the fact that Cecily FORGIVES him after all of this and they rekindle their romance Are you kidding me Once she finds out about Grant s deceit she spends the rest of the book bemoaning his behavior and how betrayed she is, but then he shows up like a stalker at her house, makes a big speech, does his time, and proposes to her Before all of this, Cecily made a big show of proclaiming that she is stronger on her own and is going to be careful about speaking the truth and who she trusts Yikes What kind of message are we sending to women here The only book I read by Emily Giffin was All We Ever Wanted I quite enjoyed that book and was looking forward to this one, and this one just seems like it was written by a completely different author. OMG I m so confused I m pissed I m entertained I m heartbroken I m surprised I m so flabbergasted right now Normally I m not indecisive person but this book seems like written by so many different authors or one author suffers from mood swings because that s a first for me to love this book so much but also hate it truly It starts charmingly intriguing, hot and riveting then makes you curse to the characters for several reasons and in the middle a big bombshell changes everything you turned into a toddler, dripping off saliva and talking gibberish, shaken to the core, and then drama, angst, trauma Then what The one of the worst endings of the book history I can compare it with GOT s, Lost s final episode or unbelievably the most stupidest screenwriting of Alex Karev s leaving episode of Grey s Anatomy Let me tell you my problem with examples Firstly, we re introduced with our heroine Cecily, suffering from bad breakup, blabbering nightmare about Rachel Green and her break with Ross Gellar She should see the letter she wrote 18 pages back and forth She misses her boyfriend so she decides instead of whining at the house, heading to the bar to drink herself numb but a perfect charming stranger stops her before she make a drink dialing to her ex and you know the drill, they talk, they like each other s company and they decide not to talk about their names, having one night stand So, I think this book s fast, hot and sexy chemistry, a little chic lit ish start deserves 4 stars But then the charming, sexy hero gives his name GRANT It should be ended with one night but yes unfortunately our soooo na ve, blind Cecily falls in love with Grant who has so many neon plates pointing at him as an untrustworthy guy There were so many signs implicate that she should run without looking back He doesn t take her to his home, introducing her as friend, appearing at her place in the middle of the night, seems like he s living a double life What this asshole is hiding Okay Cecily, you are young but you shouldn t act like you just donated your brain cells for saving money for your grocery shopping Come on girl the guy says he has a twin suffer from terminal disease and he has to take care of him But don t you think most of his excuses he told you are too fishy But I have to admit the brother was real and I feel like he was evil twin I couldn t connect with the character so well Eventually my points start to go back and forth between two and three stars And then BANG Of course from the blurb and the dates, you may see it coming one of the most painful, tragic events of the world history occurs Grant dies at 9 11 I have to admit those parts of the book telling the tragedy and afterwards, the psychological breakdown it created on the civilians, their sufferings, anxieties, PTSD, grief are told by the author incredibly impeccable That was the great example of the perfect writing It s so much better than The girl you used to know novel s approach And there are so many bombshells, twisty, surprising facts Cecily has to face after Grant s death which are magnificent And eventually she returns back to her ex Now she can have her happily ever after and I m so ready to give FIVE STARS because of those amazing and powerful chapters.BUT Yes I don t wanna spill the beans but guess who s back, back again, Shady s back, tell a friend I know we need a little controversy cause it feels so empty without him See I start to quote Eminem s Without Me, that s the side effect book caused on me And angst, blab la bla, tears, painful chapters later my stars drop to 3 by the way after Shady is back we have a really bad conclusion of this starting great, developing well but ending unsatisfyingly story Don t get me wrong I love Emily Griffin s books so much and I was delighted to have an opportunity to read this ARC and even though I was agitated by MCs and too many meaningless angsty and heart tearing parts, I was so ready to give 4 stars because it was still above the average and especially 9 11 parts of the story mesmerizingly heart wrenching and poignantly described But I didn t like the ending just a little bit This is not fair for me and I found it abrupt and awkward So unfortunately I m giving three solid stars I wish there would be miracle and the author could write another ending to conclude her characters stories So much special thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Ballantine for sharing this promising ARC even I have questions about ending in exchange my honest review.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter In The Irresistible New Novel From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of All We Ever Wanted AndSomething Borrowed, A Young Woman Falls Hard For An Impossibly Perfect Man Before He Disappears Without A Trace It S AM On A Saturday Night In The Spring Of , And Twenty Eight Year Old Cecily Gardner Sits Alone In A Dive Bar In New York S East Village, Questioning Her Life Feeling Lonesome And Homesick For The Midwest, She Wonders If She Ll Ever Make It As A Reporter In The Big City And Whether She Made A Terrible Mistake In Breaking Up With Her Longtime Boyfriend, MatthewAs Cecily Reaches For The Phone To Call Him, She Hears A Guy On The Barstool Next To Her Say, Don T Do It You Ll Regret It Something Tells Her To Listen, And Over The Next Several Hours And Shots Of Tequila The Two Forge An Unlikely Connection That Should Be It, They Both Decide The Next Morning, As Cecily Reminds Herself Of The Perils Of A Rebound Relationship Moreover, Their Timing Couldn T Be Worse Grant Is Preparing To Quit His Job And Move Overseas Yet Despite All Their Obstacles, They Can T Seem To Say Goodbye, And For The First Time In Her Carefully Constructed Life, Cecily Follows Her Heart Instead Of Her HeadThen Grant Disappears In The Chaos Of Fearing The Worst, Cecily Spots His Face On A Missing Person Poster, And Realizes She Is Not The Only One Searching For Him Her Investigative Reporting Instincts Kick Into Action As She Vows To Discover The Truth But The Questions Pile Up Fast How Well Did She Really Know Grant Did He Ever Really Love Her And Is It Possible To Love A Man Who Wasn T Who He Seemed To Be The Lies That Bind Is A Mesmerizing And Emotionally Resonant Exploration Of The Never Ending Search For Love And Truth In Our Relationships, Our Careers, And Deep Within Our Own Hearts

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