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The LEGO Batman Movie: Build Your Own Story: Rogue City Good read good book Not our favourite read but still a good book I enjoy choose your own adventure books, as does my kid. My cousins love them as they can read the same book over and over again with different outcomes. As expected Awesome daughter loves it. Ms West, I think you re a fine author I love each part of this story I m a young teenage girl who wrote reviews for the lego, batman and ninjago movie junior novels, and I decided this one deserved one too Good details Not too many, not too sparse.The reason I gave rogue city only four stars is because there was a bit of trouble I got it on my kindle You know how it says click here to go to the next chunk of the story Well, whenever I click it, it just skips to the very next page I have to remember the part of one story I m on while also keeping track of five other ones Took a while for me to get the hang of that kinda memory But now I ve read the novel probably eight times, and I can recall what scenes are coming up next by memory now Love it, Ms West You are inspiring Son loved this book he got it for Christmas He s not a huge fan of reading and is only a beginner but he loved it anyways LEGO R Batman TM needs his newest junior sleuth s help to stop the Joker TM That sleuth is YOU, the reader Team up with Batman TM , Batgirl TM , and Robin TM , to explore Gotham City, find clues, nab bad guys, and help stop the Joker TM and his gang The links are not functional in the kindle version They either don t appear on the page or don t work well so it s really hard to navigate We gave up Paperback might be okay.

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