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The Killing Season: A Summer Inside An Lapd Homicide Division A little dated at this point, but nonetheless a great read The same crimes occur then as now so it holds the test of time Plenty of pages to read through as well. This is one of the worst true crime books I have ever read The book is much PC than realistic A much better book is David Simon s Homcide A Year on the Killing Streets I won t try to repeat the details from the other reviews, but here s my take 1 I read this in one night could not put it down I d read Homicide Special before this and enjoyed it This is perhaps not as engrossing as his later book, which interweaved several detective teams through six investigations The Killing Season concentrates on one pair, which gives the opportunity for detail.2 I can imagine meeting Rakanzas, the senior detective Corwin s portrait of a tobacco chewing, wise cracking veteran is spread throughout the book, building his character slowly but in depth.3 I didn t see the same characterization of his partner, but certainly no worse than par for the course in true crime books.4 The detective team eventually splits This part of the book seems to gloss over the details, and I think time could have been spent here.5 Corwin gives a fair amount of coverage to the victim s relatives, and the aftermaths of the murders He points out the disparity between the news coverage and police effort given to a couple of contemporary murders on L.A s prosperous Westside and San Pedro areas, versus the shoestring response to the comparative slaughter in South Central This could have been followed up a bit in the book IMHO In fact, the LA Times did a front page Column One series on homicides in South Central earlier this year 2006 , and the situation seems to continue 6 The supporting players the lieutenants and other detectives don t get as much attention in this book as in Homicide Central.7 If you are an Angeleno and read crime novels or true crime, I think you will enjoy this book If you are outside the LA area, it s still worthwhile, but I d suggest a map to give some scope to the story.8 One thing I would have liked to have seen was an appendix outlining the relationships of the various sets of Crip and Blood gangs, although Corwin does give a reasonable thumbnail history of the gang problem.Overall, I d give this four and one half stars The raw material is compelling, and Corwin s style presents it nicely, leading to the refinement of his style in Homicide Special. Love this book Like homicide Detectives The A E Show first 48 This is for you then.Well written and exciting while totally real as its about the streets of L.A. I can t help but think I ve read this book before, because a lot of it seems really familiar As far as the genre goes, this book is above average not uninteresting, but not fantastic either.What really irks me about it is Corwin s insistence on making little cracks and judgments about the LAPD he may think he s being sly, and or maintaining his journalistic detachment, but when he writes about felon Rodney King, about how the arresting officers fractured Rodney King s cheekbone, cracked his right eye socket, and broke 11 bones at the base of his skull, he conveniently neglects to mention that King was a felon, that he was evading the police, and that he resisted arrest No, King comes off like some poor innocent citizen walking his little puppy who was viciously set upon for no reason by evil killer cops This omission is unforgiveable, because it s journalistically dishonest If you want to give us the story, Corwin, give us the WHOLE story.That said, it s an interesting look inside. Miles Corwin takes you and puts you in the back seat of the patrol car, puts you front and center at the scene of the crime, and gives you your own desk in the squad room In The Killing Season , it s like you re right along with the cops who work the LAPD Homicide Division I seriously suggest you pick up a copy of this book, and I challenge you to be able to put it down before you finish it A must read for anybody interested in homocide or detective work This was a real eye opener regarding the schedules these incredible people endure Non stop action By the time I finished reading I felt I knew the featured detectives It is in my library and remains my favorite out of some seventy plus titles. Remarkablegreat Journalism, Social Commentary, And Writing Rolled Into A Fascinating, Gripping, And At Times Heart Wrenching Story.Michael Connelly Gaining Unprecedented Access To The LAPD, Crime Reporter Miles Corwin Shadows Two Homicide Detectives On The Mean Streets Of South Central L.A Pete Raz Razanskas And Marcella Winn Were Unlikely Partners One A Crusty, Twenty Two Year Veteran Of The Force The Other A Street Smart Woman Who Grew Up In The Neighborhood A Graphic, Uncensored Look At Real Cops And Real Killers, The Killing Season Is That Rare Combination Of First Rate Reportage And Riveting Storytelling That Will Leave You Shaken, Informed, And Blasted Awake.Praise For The Killing Season A Grab You By The Throat Page Turner Los Angeles Times Book ReviewGripping Drama And Pathos Rarely Has The Genre Been Worked To Better Effect Corwin Could Scarcely Have Invented A Better Cast And Story The New York Times Book ReviewThe Killing Season Captures The Sights, Sounds, And Smells Of A Big City Homicide Squad At Work As Well As Any Book Within Recent Memory Its Crime Reporting At Its Raw And Scintillating Best.Vincent Bugliosi, Author Of Outrage And Helter Skelter

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