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The Jewish Revolt AD 66–74 (Campaign, Band 252) In ADa local disturbance in Caesarea caused by Greeks sacrificing birds in front of a local synagogue exploded into a pan Jewish revolt against their Roman overlords Gaining momentum, the rebels successfully occupied Jerusalem and drove off an attack by the Roman legate of Syria, Cestus Gallius, who was defeated at the battle of Beth Horon The emperor Nero dispatched the Roman general Vespasian along with reinforcements and, having crushed the revolt in Galilee he became embroiled in the events of the Year of the Four Emperors that would lead to his assumption of the Imperial throne His son Titus was left to carry on the war which culminated in the dramatic siege of Jerusalem in ADRemorselessly, the legions strangled the life out of the defense street by street, leaving nothing but rubble and ashes in their wake The apotheosis of the conflict was the final stand of the last holdouts in the Temple precinct itself, and the utter annihilation of this, the physical manifestation of Judaism itself The last remnants held out in the mountain fortress of Masada until ADwhen with the Romans breaking down the walls the defenders committed mass suicide bringing the revolt to an end This is an excellent resource for a historical war gamer or lay historian It is well illustrated with a strong narrative and ample sourced references I believe that additional references to Josephus Flavius and his literary works on the Jewish revolt should have been outlined I also would have preferred additional references to the military equipment and tactics of the deployed Roman Legions and Jewish resistance although I understand that Osprey leaves such areas relatively unexplained in order to leave space for specialized works in their other title ranges ie Warrior series. Usual high standard from Osprey Good text combined with excellent illustrations. excellent over view of the Jewish Revolts Ce livret Osprey est excellent car il pr sente de fa on chronologique les v nements marquants de cette r volte, respectant le point de vue Romain mais galement de l adversaire Le r cit est tr s agr able suivre et se lit comme un roman De plus les planches sont magnifiques C est une r ussite, recommander. This was in my view one of the better Campaign titles, with none of the biases that I have found in a number of other books on the Jewish revolts against the Romans The historical context of the campaign, the campaign or rather the series of campaigns culminating in the destruction of Jerusalem, and the aftermath, with the two main subsequent revolts, are presented clearly, concisely and yet as comprehensively as possible.The main Roman characters come out well, including rash and impatient Titus who almost got himself killed a couple of times and ordered his men into quasi suicidal attacks a couple of other time Also well depicted is the cautious, systematic and methodical generalship of his father Vespasian, who laid out the groundwork of the campaign and left his son to finish it off by besieging and taking Jerusalem The Jewish leaders are presented in less detail, although their violent and bloody internal conflicts, and the damage that this did to their cause, are well rendered Also well shown is the way in which they managed to squander whatever mobile forces they had towards the beginning of the insurrection in an ill conceived attack on Ascalon.The various operations are generally well described, from Vespasian s methodical campaign to reconquer each and every city to the interminable and bitter siege of Jerusalem Both are described in detail, step by step, and well illustrated through well chosen photos and plates The failure of the Governor of Syria s first attempt to crush the insurrection is mostly also well told However, although a humiliating defeat, it may not have been the utter disaster that it is sometimes portrayed to be The core reason for this defeat is clearly shown It was mainly due to Roman over confidence, a mistake that Vespasian would be very careful to avoid.Also valuable is the section on the aftermath, with the bit on the siege of Massada careful to demystify the sicarri It shows that they had contributed nothing to the revolt once they had been expelled from Jerusalem They spent the next six years or so pillaging all the surrounding towns and villages to feed their growing community and stockpile reserves.There is a little glitch with regards to the second Jewish revolt, at the end of Trajan s reign While the author states that this and the Bar Kochva revolt took place during the apogee of the Roman Empire, the first did occur during a period of relative weakness, after Trajan had concentrated the army against Parthia and drawn down troops from across the whole Empire The seriousness of both this revolt and the Bar Kochva revolt should not be minimised, although both are much less well known The first of the two essentially hampered Trajan s conquest and was probably one of the main reasons why Hadrian essentially put an end to it The second saw the emergence of an entirely independent Jewish State, a reminiscence of the Maccabees, and it took the Romans and the full might of the Empire three years to destroy it.This is a great title which also has some interesting illustrations of archaeological findings Five stars. A great and informative read, well set out and detailed It was sad that so much death and destruction, and dispersal of the Jewish nation was sparked off by Greeks sacrificing birds in front of a local synagogue which the Roman authorites disregarded thus causing the explosion of a pan Jewish revolt against their Roman overlordsthe genocide of the Jewish people by the Romans is simply mind boggling A must read for everyone who thinks that the present state of Israel which occupies some of the land of its forfarthers should not exist., This is a long awaited well written and well researched book on a major historical event.It is also beautifully illustrated. Well researched and interesting needed information

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