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The Hope Circuit: A Psychologist's Journey from Helplessness to Optimism One Of The Most Important Psychologists Alive Today Tells The Story Of The Transformation Of Modern Psychology Through The Lens Of His Own Career And Change Of HeartMartin E P Seligman Is One Of The Most Decorated And Popular Psychologists Of His Generation When He First Encountered The Discipline In The S, It Was Devoted To Eliminating Misery The Science Of How Past Trauma Creates Present Symptoms Today, Thanks In Large Part To Seligman S Own Work Pioneering The Positive Psychology Movement, It Is Ever Focused On The Bright Side Gratitude, Resilience, And HopeIn This His Memoir, Seligman Recounts How He Learned To Study Optimism Including A Life Changing Conversation With His Five Year Old Daughter In Wise, Eloquent Prose, Seligman Tells The Human Stories Behind Some Of His Major Findings He Recounts Developing CAVE, An Analytical Tool That Predicts Election Outcomes With Shocking Accuracy Based On The Language Used In Campaign Speeches, And The Canonical Studies That Birthed The Theory Of Learned Helplessness Which He Now Reveals Was Incorrect And He Writes At Length For The First Time About His Own Battles With Depression At A Young AgeAll The While, Seligman Works Out His Theory Of Psychology, Making A Compelling And Deeply Personal Case For The Importance Of Virtues Like Hope, Anticipation, Gratitude, And Wisdom For Our Mental Health You Will Walk Away From This Book Not Just Educated But Deeply Enriched

2 thoughts on “The Hope Circuit: A Psychologist's Journey from Helplessness to Optimism

  1. Dan Coughlin Dan Coughlin says:

    Since 2002 I have read five of Martin Seligman s books Authentic Happiness, Flourish, Learned Optimism, What You Can Change, and What You Can t, and now The Hope Circuit.The first four books were tremendous I loved them They impacted my thinking enormously I found so many practical ways to effectively guide my thoughts and emotions to improve performance in so many different situatio

  2. Becky Brotemarkle Becky Brotemarkle says:

    I pre ordered this book and eagerly awaited its arrival I have read Marty Seligman s other books and followed his work for almost 40 years so of course, I wanted to read the latest But, I had no idea that in its own way, it would also be the greatest of his books It is an honest and down to earth story of a man s life so far because I am sure there is to come with all of the struggles and all

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