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The Happy Return (Hörbuch-Download): Amazon.de: C. S. Forester, Christian Rodska, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks Exclusively from Audible The year isand somewhere off the coast of Nicaragua, CS Forester s hero returns, ready to embark on his next swashbuckling adventure The fifth instalment in the series, The Happy Return follows Captain Horatio Hornblower as he commands the thirty six gun frigate, HMS Lydia Sent out on a mission to weaken the colonial Spanish government, Horatio must form an alliance with a narcissistic revolutionary leader with delusions of grandeur, who goes by the name of El Supremo Simultaneously faced with an advancing Spanish fleet and their far superior fifty gun ship, Natividad, Horatio must find a way to take, sink, burn or destroy his enemies or fail and be made to face the British courts Adding insult to injury, Horatio is further challenged by the arrival of a singularly attractive passenger, the influential Lady Barbara Wellesley Vulnerable, alone and seeking passage to England, Horatio cannot refuse the lady, but as a happily married man, he finds himself tortured by Barbara s tempting nature and astounding beauty An English novelist, CS Forester was highly praised by his contemporaries for his Napoleonic naval warfare series, and later for the publication of The African Queen Despite his natural ability and endless imagination, Forester came to writing much later than expected Having originally studied medicine at Guy s Hospital, it was only after his travels with the Royal Navy that he was artistically inspired, developing in particular, a fervent love of story telling Sadly stricken with arteriosclerosis whilst voyaging to the Bering Sea, CS Forester was crippled in his later life, but his imagination and his skill with a pen survived for years to come Narrator Biography Christian Rodska is an English television and voice actor best known for his role in the s series Follyfoot From The Monuments Men and The Eagle of the Ninth to The Likely Lads, Z Cars, The Tomorrow People, Coronation Street, Bergerac and Casualty, his extensive and diverse acting career has led him to become a highly solicited radio and audiobook narrator He has now voiced overunabridged audiobooks including Winston Churchill s biographies, Evelyn Waugh s Men at Arms and Sebastian Faulks A Possible Life He has been praised for his ability to vary in vocal pace and style and as such, Christian boastsEarphone Awards from Audiofile Magazine

8 thoughts on “The Happy Return (Hörbuch-Download): Amazon.de: C. S. Forester, Christian Rodska, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Buch.Technik.Freund Buch.Technik.Freund says:

    Hornblower Books are classics.I would assume that the majority of readers is male you should be interested in sailing technic, historic background napoleon wars and even many leadership aspects.As native german reader I enjoyed the introduction which gives much background on the history of the book and its author , but I misse

  2. Joachim G. Bock Joachim G. Bock says:

    Die lange Fahrt der LYDIA rund Kap Horn und zur ck mit einer Lady an Bord, dazu die Gefechte mit der NATIVIDAD ,und das gespickt mit seem nnischen und navigatorischen Fachausdr cken, gewi keine leichte Kost Aber f r die Anh nger von Hornblower, Bolitho und Co ein wahrer Leckerbissen.

  3. Rupert H. Denny Rupert H. Denny says:

    I have read Hornblower since I was about 10 years old Now, thanks to Kindle, I am re reading him, from start to finish and it never loses its excitement The author s ability to put you on the deck of a 19th century frigate, being fought to the death by the much bigger Spanish two decker never ceases to impress At the end of the b

  4. Chris Chris says:

    What a tinker, getting up to no good with the lady, and him married man Well I have to say it was a good read and much navel goings on I m beginning to wonder if this chap ever makes any money To be honest he should have been putting into a pension from midshipman, but I dont think he has and annuity these days does not pay out v

  5. christopher balnaves christopher balnaves says:

    Not bad but too much assumption suggesting that research would have been a good idea.

  6. Dr Bob Dr Bob says:

    A great book.that was hard to put down So many twists and turns that you never work out what is coming next.

  7. Nm Nm says:

    Great old story

  8. Maggie Maggie says:

    great book my husband loves it.

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