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The FLCL Archives Produced by legendary studios GAINAX and Production IG, FLCL took anime to places it had never been with its spectacular off the wall animation, outrageous storyline, and endearing characters This mesmerizingepisode series features everything from giant destructive robots to a crazy pink haired alien woman, and its influence on the anime industry is felt to this day The FLCL Archives collects artwork from this landmark production, including key promotional art, character and location designs, rough sketches, and Included are plenty of illustrator notes and even a look at early proposal documents for the series

14 thoughts on “The FLCL Archives

  1. Alex Alex says:

    The art is really amazing it reminds me of Jamie Hewletts art work who is my favourite artist.

  2. Eduardo Rodríguez Eduardo Rodríguez says:

    Un libro de buena calidad Las ilustraciones son hermosas En general la edici n cumpli con mis expectativas.No tra a ninguna protecci n dentro del empaque, afortunadamente no llego da ado.

  3. D. Lauderdale D. Lauderdale says:

    The first few sections titled Illustrations and Concept Art are full color, followed by Novel Illustrations, Design Arts, and the last section Rough Designs containing pencil sketches.

  4. E. Chang E. Chang says:

    If you like FLCL the 1st and obviously best season then you will love this book It has every promotional image and every production image I have ever seen of FLCL in its original run Everything is translated into English and perhaps most fascinating is the section of first draft outlines and scripts for the classic 6 pack Everybody has their ow

  5. Jesus Trujillo Jesus Trujillo says:

    Okay So, honestly I WAS gonna buy it at Barnes and Noble. BUT I found it on here for cheaper I ve been loving Fooly Cooly since its been out and honestly it was the first anime I remember watching as a kid Buying this really let s me get into the nitty gritty of how it was made and how the final product came out in the end Plus, this will be a g

  6. Antonio Raveau Drouilly Antonio Raveau Drouilly says:

    The best FLCL artbook available so far I ve seen scans of most older books, and this is a very comprenhensive compilation of artwork and designs The english text is just the icing on the cake At this price point, it s almost a no brainer for FLCL or Gainax fans.

  7. PAVatPSU PAVatPSU says:

    This has everything from magazine cover and promotional art, to storyboards, and early concept work Just an absolutely beautiful collection Well worth the money.

  8. Katz Katz says:

    Love it, flip thru it often, one of my favorite series ever

  9. Keith Keith says:

    It contains most, if not all, of the pictures and drafts from the previous art books, with all notes translated into English Everything from concept art and early drafts to final set pieces and lesser know promotional art It s a must have for any fan of the show.

  10. Jillian Jillian says:

    This is a really nice art book, perfect for a FLCL fan I love the different sketches, illustrations, and production models Honestly this book is worth it for the background art alone.

  11. Elijah Jordan Elijah Jordan says:

    Gorgeous, I m buying another to color one in.

  12. Sergey Sergey says:

    Big compilation of awesome arts in one book Covers, prototypes, illustrations and designs, probably almost all of official ones All japanese notes translated near picture, so, if you can read japanese you have this option Must have for any FLCL fan.

  13. Christopher Christopher says:

    If you are a fan of the series at all, you ll enjoy the hell out of this companion piece.

  14. Customer Customer says:


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