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Perhapsthan any other person, Marcella Hazan is responsible for bringing Italian cuisine into the homes of American cooks We re not talking spaghetti and meatballs here Hazan s cuisine consists of polenta, risotto, squid braised with tomatoes and white wine, sauted swiss chard with olive oil and garlic Twenty years ago, when Hazan first exploded into the American consciousness with The Classic Italian Cook Book and More Classic Italian Cooking, such recipes were revolutionary With time, however, these classic dishes have become much beloved family favoritesNow a new generation is ready to be introduced to Marcella Hazan s way with food, and in Essentials of Italian Cooking Hazan combines her two earlier works into one update and expanded volume In addition to the delicious collection of recipes, this book serves as a basic manual for cooks of every skill level Recipes have been revised to reduce fat content, and a whole new chapter full of fundamental information about herbs, spices, and cheeses used in Italian kitchens as well as details on how to select specific ingredients has been added New chapters, new recipes who could ask forthan Essentials of Italian CookingIn the language of cookbooks, the word classic is bandied about nearly as frequently as the terms low fat and no cholesterol In this case, however, the estimable Hazan More Classic Italian Cooking does indeed contribute a classic to the ever increasing literature of Italian cuisine A revision and update of her two previous classic Italian cookbooks withthancompletely new recipes , this one includes recipes not in pursuit of novelty, but of taste As Hazan puts it, the book is meant to be used as a kitchen handbookfor cooks of every levelwho want an accessible and comprehensive guide to the products, the techniques, and the dishes that constitute imperishable Italian cooking From marinated carrot sticks to sweet and sour tuna steaks, Trapani style, to tortellini with fish stuffing and polenta shortcake with raisins, dried figs and pine nuts, the outstanding recipes many of them poetically simple are too numerous to do justice to in few words Included is a spirited discussion of squid and the essentials of preparing fresh pasta, gnocchi potato dumplings , authentic risotto, frittate and polenta dishes While writing from Venice, her home for much of the year, Hazan never fails to consider the availability of ingredients in the US and never assumes that all readers understand complex methods or exotic terminology This volume is the perfect gift for a new homemaker, a seasoned chef and all lovers of good food Illustrated , first printing Home Style Book Club main selection, BOMC alternate CopyrightReed Business Information, Inc The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking (English Edition)

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Marcella Hazan author readers around the world.

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