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The Eleventh Hour One of my very favorite books as an older child my sisters and I poured over this book for weeks. Here is a story about Horace's (an elephant) eleventh birthday party, and apparently there's a mystery to solve! The mystery isn't revealed until near the end, and the book definitely requires that you look back through it to solve the mystery Overall, mystery hunting aside, I enjoyed this book, the fun characters, and the whimsical, jampacked illustrations! For a rhyming book, the rhymes were really pretty good! I didn't find myself tripping over the rhythm or words hardly at all! For the mystery, well, I didn't read the entirety of the solutions, but I skimmed to figure out how the puzzles where to be solved My only gripe was that the end note made it appear that the mystery would be easily solved by looking at the pictures, which led me to think a simple glance back through would suffice But, for better or worse, such is not the case These clues are definitely only going to be found by those willing to spend several hours searching and decoding, something which I probably would have loved at around 10 to my tweens There's bound to be several hours worth of fun, but only for those who don't mind the tediousness required But, knowing how all the clues worked into the story, I was evenimpressed with the illustrations!So, definitely a fun, creative book/hidden clues mystery! And if you like that sort of book, I think you'll love this!! When Horace the elephant turns eleven, he celebrates in style by inviting his exotic friends to a splendid costume party But a mystery is afoot, for in the midst of the games, music, and revelry, someone has eaten the birthday feast The rhyming text and lavish, detailed illustrations each provide clues, and it's up to the reader to piece them together and decide whodunit! The fun of poring over the pictures is matched by the enjoyment derived from the textwitty, ingenious versesPublishers Weekly Graeme Base is the author of many awardwinning books for children, including Animalia Puffin, The Sign of the Seahorse, and most recently, The Discovery of Dragons I usually don't review picture books, but this is the most authorindulgent thing I've ever read.Every page is indeed covered with challenging codes and clues, but 98% of them are either useless or actively misleading Some of them are just inside jokes the author wanted to include A lot of them literally say red herring That doesn't motivate me to findclues.Finding the clues is seriously the least efficient way you can solve this mystery I did figure out who did it, but I didn't use the clues once, and I regretted bothering with them at all It feels like I'm supposed to admire the sheer amount of clues there were instead of considering their actual (lack of) utility Plus, I was really bored the whole time It's hard to make a picture book so boring with so few pages, but this one managed There is no story It's just about this elephant's party, which is as needlessly elaborate as this book; and the stakes for the mystery for ridiculously low You're not even helping the innocent animals solve the little mystery because the clues aren't part of the plot Finding the culprit doesn't impact the story in any way Your only reward is pages upon pages of pictureless explanation of every one of the dozens of pointless clues hidden in the book It was so incredibly pedantic, I wanted to stop reading It would spend an entire paragraph proudly explaining how, if you look closely, the wall says tick tock :O How does that help me??? It doesn't!!! I'm just supposed to marvel at the fact that it's there.There are other interactive mystery books for kids Read one of them instead. I LOVE THIS BOOK I did a program based in it for tweens last year and it was amazing (albeit sparsely attended, but it's a tween program so any attendance is great!) Any time any person expresses any interest in puzzles (coworkers, kids, parents, strangers) I leap up and offer them this book I love introducing kids to anagrams and pigpen ciphers, because I distinctly remember my elementary school library helping me as I pored over this book as a weird 5th grader I had so much fun! The story was not particularly interesting or satisfying, but of course the story isn't really the point of this book The point is all the puzzles and clues hidden in the pictures Unfortunately, in the effort to put oh, so many! things to find in the pictures, really very few (or even none) of them must be solved to figure out the mystery And many of the hidden messages actually say red herring or don't say that but don't provide much helpful information anyway (Watch the clocks! once maybe but the third or fourth time I find that I'm just annoyed) I read this with my daughter and we found some of the hidden messages and we did figure out who stole the feast, though mostly through decryption rather than picture searching Then we read the explanation which had farwords than the story itself and were like, okay Hence my two star rating. One of the most amazing illustrations I've ever seen in children's books Can't believe I've never heard of Base before now The pictures are so detailed and there are hundreds of things going on in them, you could just look for hours In this case, there's a mystery to be solved and some really fun clues to be looking for in the pictures Not easy enough of a mystery for a small child, but just tough enough for my 1st grader, and it kept me interested too! The clues are hidden in the pictures and many deal with letters and words Lots of fun and a book we'll go back to over and over again. The other day, my son brought this home from my parents' house I remembered it as one of my favorite children's booksand it didn't disappoint This whodunnit mystery is teeming with hidden puzzles, many of which I couldn't even solve today (morse code, musical notes, and ) I had so much fun rereading ( like puzzling over) this that I ordered sevenof Base's booksostensibly for my kids. Blown Away! FANTASTIC! The whole family got in on this mystery It really is a mystery too I thought it was simply a story and it is and there is a mystery The answer is sealed at the back of the book and we have not broken the seal yet to see the culprit I didn't have time to go through the book to see who did it There are clues, supposedly hidden on each page so it takes time The kids are going to scour the pages today and see if they can figure it out Even their parents are getting involved.The art is beautiful It is magnificent Graeme uses a border like Jan Brett does and there are clues in it I have read their are red herrings all over the place I think the 7 year old might crack the case The artwork is a Baroque feast for the eyes with eleven animals invited to a birthday party where the birthday boy made this huge feast that they can't eat until the 11th hour Well, they play all kinds of games and by the time dinner come, someone ate all the food Who did it? We don't know.Anyone who wants to spoil me, I welcome the answer I am in finals and don't have time to figure it out I won't tell the kids They can figure it out on their own How come I've never heard of Graeme Base? The artist is amazing I want to read MORE! One of my new favorites. In their dotage the Offspring will still be talking about their crazy mom having a signed first of this that she would read to them, but wouldn't let them touch until they washed their hands.

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Animalia published in 1986, and third book

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