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The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo: The Monster Mall Good read I think I have bought this book four times, once for my child based on a rec from another graphic novelist and the rest as gifts for other kids because we like it so much. After devouring the first installation of Margo Maloo the first night I had it, I immediately ordered this one The stories are amazing The characters are so well defined and engaging I can just hear their voices I love the blend of funny and creepy, while also making a very important point maybe sometimes those who are painted as monsters aren t so monstrous once you get to know them There s so much heart in these stories Definitely going to watch and wait impatiently for the next installation. I was really happy to see the second book in the Margo series This is a favorite for my kids 8 and 5 and for me as well, which is good since I have to read it out loud since the younger one isn t reading yet The graphics are dynamic, and the story blends adventure and occasional mild peril with humor A subtext about gentrification for older readers translates well to being a good neighbor for the junior set We ll keep buying these as they come out. Fabulous characters, great illustrations and an exciting plot Pretty much my favorite book to read my kid Charles meets a lot of monsters in his line of work While assisting Margo Maloo on her assignments, he s had close encounters with trolls, ghosts, imps, and ogres And lately, they re all saying the same thing living in Echo City is getting harderAs the human population of the city is grows, monsters are being forced to abandon their homes Teenagers are creeping into their territory, smartphones in hand, eager to photograph paranormal activity Some monsters are tired of hiding and ready to fight How can Margo and Charles keep Echo City s monster community a secret, when it s teetering in the brink of war In this second volume of The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo, graphic novelist Drew Weing delivers a fresh and funny take on the age old battle between kids and closet dwelling monsters

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