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The Communist Manifesto: with an introduction by Yanis Varoufakis (Vintage Classics) I forgot to say about this book s positive effects in history It did not change the world that it was suppose to change at all, which are the countries that were already industrilized like England, France and America, but it changed the counties like Russia and China where there were almost no workers, no captalists and no industries back than, but only had the really really bad old feudal governments with tons of poor farmers So what communism or this book really did was that it helped to transform the countries that were very undeveloped, very poor into counties with industries, with enough food for the people, and even a better governmenr This really doesn t sound like making too much senses at all, but you have got to learn how bad things were 70 years ago in China and Russia, how impossible it was for there to be a democratic government, and how much improvment it was to the people to have communist government instead of all the other governemts that they had before Look at China and Russia, they are very poor even now compare with the U.S., but do you realize how much they have improved They have been going up ten times as fast as the U.S They are still worse than the U.S does not give you the right to say communism is bad I am come from China Marx and Engels were brilliant men who lived in a time and place not that different from our own Overrun by commmerce, mid 19th Germany and the millenial United States have much in common A huge and seemingly inexplicable stratification of rich and poor A general malaise and widespread social displacement which lead to violence and mental illness and a progression toward fascist ideologies particularly racism, nationalism, militarism as so called leaders rise up and claim solutions to our problems.As historians and observers, Marx Engels knew something many intelligent adults strugggle with today That the world seems to have always been like this, and that our way of life government and economy provides no way out In a cultish, group think manner its only proffered solution to any raised objection is merely self perpetuation In place of education about its real goals and methods, it offers standardized national platitudes and smoke and mirror explanations designed only to further the ignorance of the general populace who must be lulled into cooperation To improve education, we cut school spending To decrease violence, we have wars To help the poor, we give to the rich.If you, like many people, are looking for an explanation of these events and a possible way out you owe it to yourself to read The Communist Manifesto A careful reading and discussion with others, both aligned with and opposed to these ideas, will be most helpful in dealing with your own questions.If, on the other hand, you are a steadfast capitalist, you also deserve a reading of the Manifesto, if for no other reason than to know your enemy The ideas proposed here have been tried and have worked, but you have to look past the propaganda to see the meanings of Marx s words The Soviets started out with his ideas, but were not able to really implement them Reading the Manifesto will quickly demonstrate that One society which was successfully based on Communist ideas in fact, predating the word is that of the native Hawaiian population a subject also recommend for interested students and detractors of socialism. Despite the fact that this book seems a little too challenging to our social system and too radical according to our culture, it is really so greatly written It sounds so true even today that I can t help rating it five stars We are living in a democratic nation however, sesorship seems to shut me from talking too much about communism However, things in the real world is not always divided into good and bad so clearly Yes, it is so true that most communist, or so called, socialist, countries today or sevral ten years ago are totalitariate, but I feel that this is not really the fault of communist or giving the right to rule to the working class It is likely that almost everyone has some sort of selfishness in their heart even if they don t notice this Communism is based on sharing and equality of everyone, thus no one would really enforce it and at the same time, no one can enforce anything inside a real communist country at all because a real communist country actually has no social phase at all it is ruled by all the people, and therefore, no one actually rule over anyone else Also, most communist rulers use their system to gain power and advatages rather than regarding communism as something As well, everything has its opposite Our opposite and enemy somehow is just a competitor This competitor is just competiting with us, so we have no way to say it good or bad naturally Of course, we are going to rate it to the worst basis because they the rulers rate us on teh same basis Any way, this book is worth reading. Let s get a few things straight here Most people fail to realize that the Communist Manifesto is in reality nothing than the novelization of an old Spaghetti western, The Cowboy with Bleeding Gums Sure, the translators seem to have made a few minor errors, like naming the heroic desperado of the story Working Class instead of his true name, Deep Throat Wong Also, his horse was named trigger, not Bourgois Capitalist Scumdogs who Never bother to Return the Hairdryer What s , the Aphids in act III had Belgian accents in the original, and the whole scene played a lot better without that happy Hollywood ending tacked on, and why the hell did they get Omar Sharif to play me I asked for Yul Brynner, I tell you after all, we re both bald and dead, come to think of it Now where are my teeth As I was saying, this book bears little or no resemblance to the original masterpiece of world government, the 1964 serbian Postal Code, which I based on a catchy little musical I saw once called Das Kapital So, I just wanted to set the record straight on this Now I go, free hot wings and tanning creme for all Cubey The Communist Manifesto Is A Timeless Classic Providing Intelligent Insight Into Socialism, Communism And Today S Group Identity PoliticsWITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY YANIS VAROUFAKIS The Communist Manifesto Was First Published In London In , By Two Young Men In Their Late Twenties Its Impact Reverberated Across The Globe And Throughout The Next Century, And It Has Come To Be Recognised As One Of The Most Important Political Texts Ever Written Maintaining That The History Of All Societies Is A History Of Class Struggle, The Manifesto Proclaims That Communism Is The Only Route To Equality, And Is A Call To Action Aimed At The Proletariat It Is An Essential Read For Anyone Seeking To Understand Our Modern Political LandscapePublished To Coincide With The Th Anniversary Of Karl Marx S Birth, This Pocket Edition Includes A New Introduction By The Economist And Bestselling Author Of Adults In The Room, Yanis Varoufakis

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