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The Comic Heroes Journey: Serious Story Structure for Fabulously Funny Films A comic hero or heroine also goes on a journey, but for the comic hero, it s often quite, quite different The hero decides to go on the adventure the comic hero often has no choice The hero has a wise old man the comic hero often meets an idiot who inadvertently says something that can teach him a thing or two Steve Kaplan will show you the diverse paths that comedy takes in The Comic Hero s Journey

14 thoughts on “The Comic Heroes Journey: Serious Story Structure for Fabulously Funny Films

  1. Joe Donne Joe Donne says:

    Yeah, loved this one too I ve read Steve s first book The Hidden Tools of Comedy, and I learnt heaps from that changed my view and approach to longer narrative film based comedy This book is a natural extension to that Lots of good stuff in this too His workshops are also great and a natural complement If you ever ge

  2. Customer Customer says:

    Steve Kaplan knows what he s talking about I enjoyed this book as much as The Hidden Tools of Comedy I cannot recommend them enough Steve uses many classic comedies as examples of how to write great characters and excellent stories A wonderful and highly informative read.

  3. cenkid cenkid says:

    Reading The Comic Hero s Journey is perfect for someone like me who wants to write a full length comedy but has little to no idea on how to do so When I first set out to learn comedy I started with joke writing books Books on punchlines But the nature of a comedic screenplay demands attention to be paid to character,

  4. Rick Rick says:

    I ve been writing screenplays as a hobby for the last 10 years and I ve enjoyed reading literally dozens of books But none of them were as fun to read or as helpful as this book I ve got a great script that I m working on right now my eighth and it s got a number of problems that I ve been struggling with But reading th

  5. Tom Wood Tom Wood says:

    I m an enthusiast of the hero s journey paradigm when writing my own stories I ve read Campbell and Vogler, and I ve worked with the paradigm enough that it s now part of my story subconscious I ve seen it in enough different contexts such as Snyder s Save the Cat and Harmon s Story Circle that I recognize it immediately

  6. Anoop Varghese Anoop Varghese says:

    Kaplan presents a terrific breakdown of the structure of comedic films and how they differ from the traditional dramatic structure He also gives good information on comedic archetypes and their history in Comedia del Arte and on comedic constructs in general ie what makes something funny I have many screenwriting books an

  7. Travis J. Kehoe Travis J. Kehoe says:

    This book is a great companion book to both The Hidden Tools of Comedy and Christopher Vogler s book, The Writer s Journey Funny and insightful and very helpful if you are stuck and looking for a little nudge in the write direction.

  8. avid traveler avid traveler says:

    I am not a comedy writer, but I really enjoyed Steve s insights This book provided a new way for me to look at comedies and was fun to read.

  9. Peter M. Marino Peter M. Marino says:

    Steve Kaplan knows everything about comedy and any comedy writers from newbies to seasoned pros will benefit from this info packed book Even if you re not writing a screenplay or anything, the book is fun, funny, and fascinating.

  10. Denis Denis says:

    I have watched Steve s interview on Film courage channel and it got me hooked So I purchased this book and it went beyond my expectations A lot of things in terms of comedy writing got almost instantly clear and it helped my own writing tremendously Now I have far better knowledge about comic heroes and their struggles which

  11. Jim eaton Jim eaton says:

    I m a fan of films learning about how characters in cinema come to life in the form of a script is very interesting to me.

  12. Chris Bufkin Chris Bufkin says:

    I really enjoyed this book and the real world examples provided It helps to see concepts discussed and applied Would highly recommend to anyone writing a comedy.

  13. Nicky Blue Nicky Blue says:

    I tore through this is it was something I d be looking for for ages It s really clear and gives the comedy writer a useful road map to hang their story on This guy knows his onions.

  14. Tyson Tyson says:

    If you ve read about classic story structure especially from Save the Cat this book does a great job of highlighting key differences from the hero and the comedic hero.For me, the hero s journey has been hard to translate to a comedy, but I was never really sure why This book helped to shed light on how to twist that structure to

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