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The Colonial Post-Captain: A Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventure (Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventures, Band 1) The Western Mediterranean,An uneasy peace is about to be shattered as France s greatest living general prepares an invasion force in Toulon but where is it bound Captain Carlisle hails from Virginia, a loyal colony of the British Crown As the clouds of war gather, Carlisle s small frigate Fury is ordered to Toulon on a reconnaissance mission If battling the winter weather in the Gulf of Lions is not a sufficient challenge, Carlisle must also juggle the delicate diplomatic issues in this period of pre war tension while contending with an increasingly belligerent French frigateBut Carlisle has additional problems unique to his colonial origins he has no professional or political sponsors and an uninspiring group of followers, both of which are essential to a mid eighteenth century naval career How can a penniless second son from Virginia overcome these crippling deficiencies George Holbrooke, Carlisle s reluctant master s mate, cannot disguise his lack of enthusiasm for the tedium of the peacetime navy His attitude changes as he experiences combat and personal danger, but can he persuade his captain that he has turned the corner And can he achieve that vital promotion to commissioned status And then there is the beautiful Chiara Angelini, pursued across the Mediterranean by a Tunisian corsair who appears determined to abduct her, yet reluctant to shed blood Can Carlisle solve this mystery and protect Chiara Fury shadows the French fleet as it sails from Toulon and reveals its true destination Carlisle and Holbrooke are witnesses to the inconclusive sea battle which leads to the loss of Minorca and engage in a thrilling and bloody final encounter with the French frigateThe Colonial Post Captain is the first in a planned series of novels that will follow Carlisle and Holbrooke through the Seven Years War and into the period of turbulent relations between Britain and her American colonies in the s Edward Carlisle is a near contemporary and colonial neighbour of the founding fathers of American independence He will negotiate some interesting loyalty issues when British policy and colonial restlessness lead inexorably to the American Revolution

About the Author: Chris Durbin

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Colonial Post Captain: A Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventure (Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventures, Band 1) book, this is one of the most wanted Chris Durbin author readers around the world.

12 thoughts on “The Colonial Post-Captain: A Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventure (Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventures, Band 1)

  1. Thomas Weyand Thomas Weyand says:

    Der Autor beschreibt eine Episode aus dem Beginn des siebenj hrigen Krieges Das Leben auf einem Schiff das age of sail mit den sich daraus ergebenden Loyalit ten und Abh ngigkeiten wird in einer interessanten Weise beschrieben, die sich in das zeitliche Umfeld angemessen einpa t Eine empfehlenswerte Unterhaltung

  2. Tony Watson Tony Watson says:

    Very unusual to see this infamous episode in British naval history covered with such an unbiased slant.The disgrace of Admiral Byng is well known, but here we see the other side of the coin, and the mistakes and bad decisions of the Admiralty and Parliament ultimately descended on Byng as a scapegoat.Bing s errors

  3. Christopher J. Eley Christopher J. Eley says:

    As an avid reader of naval fiction since about 1963, aged 14 with The Happy Return, I have been trying most similar authors ever since, and cannot resdit a series However, I miss some as I detest kindle, and hardbacks without discount are ludicrously priced so my market is restricted to thise two avenues I have to w

  4. Edoardo Albert Edoardo Albert says:

    In literary terms I have two guilty pleasures military SF ie big guys usually wearing exosuits blasting aliens and Napoleonic era naval fiction Add to that a third naval fiction set during and just before the Seven Years War, the global conflict between Britain and its allies, and France and her allies, that saw the B

  5. Fred Fred says:

    CHRIS DURBIN The Colonial Post Captain 160618 A really good start and an immediate presence of energy and a nautical professional ease in the quality and content of the writing 9% Book started with access to the free sample, at the end of I felt completely committed and with a wish to read the whole book By 17%, I was d

  6. Dodge51 Dodge51 says:

    I really enjoyed this and look forward to the series The characters grew individually and in parallel with the Captain, which I enjoyed than the superhero captain genre The timing pre Nelson and the defence of Admiral Byng was well written with enough of the history to keep me interested It is a period that has a lot of

  7. Andrew Ball Andrew Ball says:

    A good book, well researched with an interesting story line Unfortunately I m a Patrick O Brian fan looking for of the same It just doesn t exist.

  8. Kevin Squibb Kevin Squibb says:

    Chris has created wonderful characters and painted a truly delightful read of a fascinating period of history, without making it feel historical You certainly don t need to have any affinity with the sea or naval history to delight in followings the lives of these characters, as the story unfolds and I am already eagerly awai

  9. A.B.M. A.B.M. says:

    Chris Durbin knows what he is writing about, and it shows The characters are multi faceted, the history is well researched but presented so economically that the reader won t realise he has been given a history lesson This is an excellent addition to the naval history shelf.

  10. JB JB says:

    A well written novel that entertains and educates Highly recommended.

  11. PAUL PAUL says:

    Thoroughly enjoyable read, good characters and storyline I have read many books in this genre and this is up there with the best.

  12. Higs Higs says:

    A new author for nautical fans, up there with Patrick O Brian Julian Stockwin Set in the 7 years war, certainly a new period for me to explore.

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