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The Chosen One At the dawn of time, two ancient adversaries clashed over control of Earth One man rose to stand at humanity s side A soldier whose name we still remember today Mikhail awakens, mortally wounded, in his crashed ship The beautiful, golden eyed young woman who saves his life has abilities which seem familiar, but with no memory of his past, he can t remember why With his ship destroyed and a shattered wing, he has no choice but to integrate into her village, a task made difficult by her jilted loverNinsianna s people have prophecies of a winged champion, a Sword of the Gods who will raise armies from the dust and defend her people against an Evil One Mikhail insists he is no demi god, but her dark premonitions and his uncanny ability to kill say otherwise Even without the technology destroyed along with his ship, the sword he carries is a weapon of mass destruction to a people who still throw sticks and stones When young women start disappearing, Mikhail must organize her people to fight back against an enemy who remains unseenEvil whispers to a sullen Prince A dying species seeks to avoid extinction Two emperors, entrenched in their ancient ideologies, cannot see the larger threat As intrigues roil the heavens, a tiny Mesopotamian town becomes ground zero for this fantasy fiction retelling of mankind s most epic story about the battle between good and evil the clash of empires and ideologies and the greatest superhero to ever walk the Earth The Archangel Mikhail

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  1. Anna Erishkigal Anna Erishkigal says:

    Goodreads encourages authors to rate and review their own books, and then pins it to the top so you know which one belongs to the author Well what am I supposed to say Hello I hope you like my book It s the first book of a series It seems so mercenary, to be the first to review your own book So how about I just say hi Be epic Anna

  2. Karen Bainbridge Karen Bainbridge says:

    I have just finished your book The Sword of the Gods 1 The Chosen , I throughly enjoyed this epic space opera fantasy.It is set under the auspices of 2 Old Gods The Emperor and Hashem who are playing a multi dimensional chess game, which has always been stalemated The Emperor Shay tan is the leader of the white chessmen, the Angelics Hashem leads the black Saa tan Em

  3. Aloiamoa Anesi Aloiamoa Anesi says:

    I really wanted to like this book It has elements from my favorite genres and the author s take on the Angels Devils motif seemed really interesting Also, there are a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews.Unfortunately, I could not get past the stilted prose In all honesty, it could have really benefited from some decent editing and at least another draft or two The story was pred

  4. E.L. Farris E.L. Farris says:

    Anna Erishkigal s Sword of the Gods The Chosen One is riveting and well written It grabbed me from the first page and held me spellbound It races across centuries, spans cultures and skips among and between angels and humans And it was one of those books I almost didn t read because it s not in my usual genre I m a woman of faith AND a lover of reason, and the very concept o

  5. S.K. Holmesley S.K. Holmesley says:

    When a winged man falls from the sky, what do you do If you are Ninsianna, first you ask the goddess, Can I keep him Then, you stitch him up and fix him breakfast.In the tradition of ancient myths, Anna Erishkigal has given us an heroic tale romance, war, political intrigue, heroes, and gods playing with the lives of mortals As it should be in any heroic epic, it s difficult at

  6. Mỹ Khương Mỹ Khương says:

    I d like to give my thanks to Anna for having done a great job of creating a great work of art, combining expertly narrations from various angles, different elements from Angels to Humans and a superb plot Though the book was pretty long in e version and took me quite a lot of time to finish, I felt the book was definitely worth it The fantasy world can t befantastic Okay, I do soun

  7. Jayne Jayne says:

    For a change a kindle book that was longer than a few pages Really loved this book, its entertaining, interesting and has a great opening sequence Loved it so much, i downloaded the next in the series straight away

  8. Justin Osborne Justin Osborne says:

    Review for Sword Of The Gods The Chosen One by Anna ErishkigalThe story begins when Mikail, an Angelic, crash lands in 3500bc Mesopotamia With no memory and life threatening injuries, Mikail is slowly nursed back to health by Ninsianna, a young woman from a nearby tribe They eventually overcome the language barrier and develop feelings for each other, which is complicated by Jamin, Ninsiann

  9. Nicola Nicola says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I thought that Swords of the Gods was a well written and thoroughly enjoyable novel I found it hard to put it down and it s been a while since that has happened The premise of using Angels and Demons as the heroes antiheroes , while God plays chess with Satan made the novel feel like an adventure with Luke Skywalker

  10. Martine Celestin Martine Celestin says:

    This was story that took me to an imaginary universe that I actually wanted to physically surround myself in The mashing of the future and past makes you think what would you do to get a second chance Mikhail and Ninsianna take a spin on Damsel in distress You cheer for Raphael Glicki, while wanting Jophiel to have it all You are sad for Lucifer.sometimes then get mad you were sad for him in the fi

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