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The Bride of Science: Romance, Reason and Byron's Daughter Ada Lovelace, The Daughter Of Lord Byron Was Born In Just After The Battle Of Waterloo, And Died Aged , Soon After The Great Exhibition Of She Was Connected With Some Of The Most Influential And Colourful Characters Of The Age Charles Dickens, Michael Faraday, Charles Darwin And Charles Babbage It Was Her Work With Babbage That Led To Her Being Credited With The Invention Of Computer Programming And To Her Name Being Adopted For The Programming Language That Controls The US Military Machine Ada Personified The Seismic Historical Changes Taking Place Over Her Lifetime This Was The Era When Fissures Began To Open Up In Culture Romance Split Away From Reason, Instinct From Intellect, Art From Science Ada Came To Embody These New Polarities And Her Life Heralded A New Era The Machine AgeReissued To Coincide With The Bicentenary Of Ada S Birth, The Bride Of Science Is A Fascinating Examination Of An Extraordinary Life Offering Devastating Insight Into The Seemingly Unbridgeable Gulf Between Art And Science, The Consequences Of Which Are Still With Us Today

4 thoughts on “The Bride of Science: Romance, Reason and Byron's Daughter

  1. Timothy Hallinan Timothy Hallinan says:

    Just an amazing story about the remarkable daughter of the bad, mad, and dangerous to know Lord Byron, notorious in his time for his quasi rock star embodiment of the Romantic movement and the scandals about his private life than for his poetry I m not saying it wasn t popular, but his not so private private life scooped it pretty thoroughly Ada Lovelace, his daughter, survived a tumultuous upbringing, an

  2. N. Herrmann N. Herrmann says:

    I ve read this book several times and am always fully engaged The author does a great job of illuminating the birth of the machine age during the Victorian times through its tragic hero Ada Lovelace King I find it especially relevant as we are currently in our own time of transformation with technology, design, commerce and art Its a great opportunity to read the story of this headstrong and learned woman, who is wid

  3. Nomadsiv Nomadsiv says:

    More than just a biography of Ada Lovelace Byron, this is a narrative of the social setting of early 19th century England In the span of under 4 decades of Ada s life, Charles Babbage had demonstrated his Difference Engine with a working model, created the design for his Analytical Engine, many scientists were performing experiments related to electricity and magnetism, and some were dabbling in their relationship to the human

  4. Caterpillar Girl Caterpillar Girl says:

    Romance and Byron certainly reign supreme in this book Science, however, is lacking A very interesting account of Byron and his brief marriage fills the first quarter of the book His daughter, Ada, is the subject of the other three quarters The book uses Ada as a biographical example of the ever intense clash between Reason science, industry, etc and Romance poetry, religion, arts, etc Ada seems to be unable to cope with this conflict

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