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The Bishop of Mars The Bishop of Mars, is an invitation into the future of faith It tells the story of a man who is redeemed from a troubled past to find his calling in the one place he would least have expected it The Bishop of Mars is a humorous, honest, heart felt story that will introduce you to a host of characters whose lives will seem very familiar to you, even though they are lived out in a world beyond our imagination If you are on a faith journey, let it take you to The Bishop of Mars

About the Author: Steven Charleston

Steven Charleston is a citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, the first of the Five Tribes from the southeastern part of the United States to be removed on the Trail of Tears He is a bishop in the Episcopal Church with forty years of service in the ordained ministry He has been the director of Native American ministries for his church, the first Native Bishop of Alaska, the President and Dean of a seminary in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a seminary professor Currently he teaches at the Saint Paul School of Theology.

10 thoughts on “The Bishop of Mars

  1. John Hanscom John Hanscom says:

    I need to make a disclosure Steve was my Bishop for many years,and I knew him fairly well, to the point that we ve played volleyball together at a Youth Camp, so I may be biased Nevertheless, I thought his first novel was pretty good, and he used the setting of Mars to add

  2. The other John The other John says:

    This book is set in the far future over 2700 years after the Drought What was the drought I m not sure But one can get clues from references to the Dry Lands in the middle of North America and the Med Marsh between Africa and Europe Anyway, the powers that be at that time are the T

  3. Kaitlyn Luzar Kaitlyn Luzar says:

    This story is about a guy that struggles from his past but no longer allows it to control him Although this story has a different setting, it feels as if the situations connect to what we go through on a daily basis I enjoyed this book and taught me an important message This teaches young r

  4. Connie Trieber Connie Trieber says:

    A very unusual bookThis has many levels On the top is a science fiction novel of a post apocalyptic world, one which we are seemingly rushing towards Also, it is a story of love and friendships forged in a chaotic time There is mysticism aplenty, in the way things just work out , and an evil presenc

  5. Haley Hixson Haley Hixson says:

    this was a fun, easy read it was an Episcopal sci fi with a good moral message.

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