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The Bar Kokhba War AD 132–136: The last Jewish revolt against Imperial Rome (Campaign, Band 310) The Roman rule over Judea was never entirely secure Roman authorities faced two significant armed rebellions in the first two centuries of the Common Era The second, the Bar Kokhba War, is the subject of this highly readable account by author Lindsay Powell It is informed by both ancient tradition and modern archeology.The Bar Kokhba War AD 132 136 is an Osprey Campaign Series book It begins with Hadrian, functional ruler of the Roman Empire in AD 130, and a survey of his world A rebellious Jewish population would coalescence around a man who would be proclaimed a messiah The opposing commanders and their forces and plans are compared, but the heart of the narrative is the story of the actual conflict The author cleverly weaves references from a variety of ancient sources together with the findings of recent archeology to sketch the course of the war The narrative is nicely supported by maps, battle diagrams, modern illustrations, and photography of the terrain and of artifacts The result is a concise less than 100 pages but surprisingly detailed account Highly recommended to the general reader and to the student as a good introduction to the conflict. Very fast delivery Excellent volume. sus ilustraciones son muy buenas y la explicacion de los distintos Estandartes de las Legiones,buena eleccion de fotos,se lo recomendaria a todos los que les guste aprender sobre las Legiones Romanas.Cuenta muy bien lo que fue la ultima revelion de los Judios contra el Imperio Romano Great This book adds another title to Osprey s excellent campaign series. What I like about Lindsay s books is the clarity of thought and the supporting illustrations.The creative use of the illustrations really help understand the story Lindsay helps us understand that historical stories are not always what we were led to believe growing up This new look at available documents and the interpretation of them aided by insightful understanding of Roman thought and practice certainly will make any reader think deeply about many currently held beliefs.This is a must read for anyone wanting to explore the catastrophic outcome of the remaining Jews in the Galilee and Judea and Emperor Hadrian, Rome s formidable leader.Looking forward to Lindsay s next book.The Bar Kokhba War AD 132 135 The last Jewish revolt against Imperial Rome Campaign An excellent, lavishly illustrated account of the last of the Jewish revolts against Rome Highly recommended to all with an interest in this subject. short and to the point I ve read a few of Lindsay Powell s books before reading this title, and have always found them to be to be informative and a great starting point for further research Powell has a fine grasp of explaining difficult and relatively unknown concepts to the lay person You get descriptions of the weather and landscape of this region and how this affects a society Basic concepts of Jewish law are explained as a Catholic this is helpful , so are the opposing army types and basic battle tactics This revolt brings new meaning to the concept of asymmetrical warfare I also liked the fact he tries to explain how this revolt had a huge impact on Jewish history.On an aesthetic level, the book is beautifully illustrated Though in this area I do have one complaint In the E version of the book, the maps are pretty much incomprehensible That s a pity.Overall this book is highly recommended, but if you already know a lot about this period then maybe find something far detailed. In AD , Shim on Ben Koseba, a rebel leader who assumed the messianic name Shim on Bar Kokhba Son of a Star , led the people of Judaea in open rebellion, aiming to establish their own independent Jewish state and to liberate Jerusalem from the Romans During the ensuing Bar Kokhba War AKA the Second Jewish War , the insurgents held their own against the crack Roman troops sent by Emperor Hadrian for three and a half years The cost of this rebellion was catastrophic hundreds of thousands of casualties, the destruction and enslavement of Jewish communities and a ban on Jews entering Jerusalem Bar Kokhba remains important in Israel today because he was the last leader of a Jewish state before the rise of Zionism in modern timesThis fully illustrated volume explores the gripping story of the uprising, profiling its rebel leader Bar Kokhba as well as the Emperor Hadrian and his generals, and assesses the impact that this violent rebellion had on the region and those that were displaced

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Bar Kokhba War AD 132–136: The last Jewish revolt against Imperial Rome (Campaign, Band 310) book, this is one of the most wanted Lindsay Powell author readers around the world.

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