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The Adventures of Tintin: Collector's Gift Set Celebrate overyears of Herg with a new hardcover boxed set Join traveling reporter Tintin and his faithful dog Snowy, along with well known friends such as Captain Haddock, as they embark on extraordinary adventures spanning historical and political events, fantasy and science fiction adventures and thrilling mysteries These full color graphic novels broke new ground when they were first released and became the inspiration for countless modern day comic artists This fantastic collection, containinghardcover volumes each containingclassic Tintin stories and an additional bonus volume, Tintin amp Co by famed Tintinologist Michael Farr, is a great gift for Tintin lovers and first time fans everywhereHerg , one of the most famous Belgians in the world, was a comics writer and artist The internationally successful Adventures of Tintin are his most well known and beloved works They have been translated intodifferent languages and have inspired such legends as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein He wrote and illustrated for The Adventures of Tintin until his death in

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