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Thaicrowave - Thai Microwave Cooking (English Edition) Thaicrowave Cooking brings the microwave out of the dark corner and into the spotlight of your kitchen This cookbook is stuffed full of recipes and tips to help change the way you look at your microwave No longer will it only be a device for re heating leftovers or boiling water Through this book you can gain the knowledge and the confidence needed to use the microwave oven as a main cooking tool, whether youre frying, roasting, or baking full meals The book offerseasy recipes for Thai and Chinese dishes commonly eaten in Thailand, as well as Japanese treats, Western favorites, and scrumptious Thai and baked dessertsBefore you start into the recipes, a detailed introduction to microwave cooking provides you with the answers to all of your questions and expert suggestions on how to adapt classic recipes to become microwaveable Within the recipes, youll find helpful tips to help you get the most out of your microwave while making your food taste better than everThaicrowave Cooking is your gateway to fast and convenient homemade meals that taste great

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  1. Gillby Gillby says:

    The recipes in this book read like a foodie blogger casually describing how to cook things in a microwave There is absolutely no mention anywhere of microwave wattage and how to adjust cooking times, so I have no idea what wattage the author is using in the recipes Typos throughout the book make me question the ingredients lists Descriptions are very basic and unhelpful what is the micro

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