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Star Trek Voyager: A Vision of the Future it s the best startrek book i have read since they started to publish them. I cannot speak to the level of research that has gone into this book because I was appalled by its shockingly bad production values Given that this is a professional publication from Pocket Books, and licensed by Paramount, I couldn t believe my eyes as I flicked through this tome Not only are all the low resolution, black and white photographs speckled but the text as well, as though scanned or photocopied rather than actually printed I ve seen books and zines produced by fans with better production values than this. Great book as others have written in their reviews, with lots to interest Star Trek Voyager fans The book itself and the way it has been produced or manufactured is another matter This version purchased from and not a third party seller has no colour pictures at all despite what others from 10 years ago say in their reviews The black and white pictures are grainy, poor quality copies of photos, to the extent that some are not identifiable at all It is as if the book has been photocopied on a poor quality machine or is a copy of a poor copy of an even poorer copy I suspect the book is produced in small print runs by a specialist desk top publisher to keep it in print for fans, but the poor production techniques really do detract from its enjoyment, so 4 stars not five stars. Very good packaging Some wear and tear to the cover and a few pages Great price and very informative about the beginning of the Star Trek Voyager series.Plus great pics throughout especially the extra colour photographs inside Very pleased with the book Highly recommended. This is a book that probably should have been released in 1995, soon after Voyager started I don t know why it was delayed until 1998.A Vision of the Future thoroughly documents the step by step creation of Voyager, from the first inklings of a plan for a series to follow TNG, through the initial broadcast of the first episode Caretaker Poe does a great job of showing just how seat of the pants the creation of a TV series is, from adjusting to last minute cast changes and hair changes , to having to deal with directives from on high that force a guerilla re structuring of a story already in production, because the number of commercial breaks has suddenly been changed.We get to follow Poe, doing what we d all have loved to do wander around backstage without getting accosted by set security We can vicariously talk to the crew putting everything together and find out the preposterous hours they work, see how things get put together behind the scenes, and find out why this or that thing was done the way it was It really puts a human face on what can all too easily be looked at as a monolithic studio making just another piece of The Franchise.If I d had this book early on in the series run, I d probably have been significantly forgiving toward Voyager than I was at the time I ve since become rather fond of Voyager than my initial reaction back then would have suggested Maybe I m just getting old Perhaps Voyager would have gotten a bit warm welcome from the fans if this had been available on time It s tough to say.The book being released three years into the series did allow the author to add a brief look at the addition of Seven of Nine to the cast and the effect that had on things, but that s really just an aside, not even a full chapter As I mentioned, this book is really about the creation of Voyager the series, and Caretaker specifically, and it s extremely effective at that I also quite like the scattering of set blueprints that are reproduced in the book After seeing the layout of the corridor set for example, it s somehow bizarrely entertaining to see how the cast keeps walking past the same sections again and again even in a single conversation and the fact that I never noticed it before speaks volumes about the quality of set design and cinematography The paper is cheap, images are often very hard to see low res on newsprint No colour pictures Very Disappointing. From its inception, Star Trek Voyager was destined to be a different kind of series As the flagship program of the brand new United Paramount Network, a great deal of attention would be paid to the new captain, her crew and their unique mission to explore the strangest new worlds ever The producers, writers, actors and myriad staffers expected a challenge They were not disappointed Back in , the mission of Stephen Edward Poe then writing as Stephen E Whitfield was simply to chronicle the Star Trek experience With the publication of his behind the scenes study, The Making of Star Trek, Poe became an integral part of the Star Trek mythos In A Vision of the Future Star Trek Voyager, Poe brings that same unique perspective to a recounting of the latest Star Trek incarnation Filled with commentary from he creator producers to the stagehands whose efforts often go unheralded, A Vision of he Future paints a rare portrait of the struggles and triumphs of the earliest days of Voyager Poe exposes not only the nuts and bolts but the hearts and minds of the people who will carry Gene Roddenberry s vision into the twenty first century It s not that I d just automatically give any and every Star Trek item 5 stars, but that would be my starting disposition Fortunately, this fine book actually lives up to the franchise standards As Voyager was my favorite of all Star Trek productions, this book was a slam dunk to love Interesting behind the scenes information and pictures that I ve found nowhere else Even in Voyager was not your favorite Trek, you d probably still love this book Great information on the all of the people responsible for all of the various series and films. This is a wonderful book and I thoroughly recommend it It covers how and importantly why things have changed over the last century our attitudes to death and funerals It has wonderful sentences that stick in your mind for you to think about until another jewel appears on the next page Highly recommended. This is a nice addition to my Star Trek library Most of the books centers on TOS and ST TNG Very nice to have another Voyager book Talks about the concept development of the series Some interesting facts i did not know about Voyager

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