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Sojourner: An Insider's View of the Mars Pathfinder Mission Andrew Mishkin, A Senior Systems Engineer At The Jet Propulsion Laboratory And A Leader Of NASA S Robotic Program, Brings Us This Insider S Look At The Mars Pathfinder Probe That Electrified The World S Imagination One Hundred Twenty Two Million Miles Away From Her Controllers, A Sophisticated Robot Smaller Than A Microwave Oven Did What Had Never Been Done Before Explored The Rocky, Red Terrain Of Mars Then, Six Wheeled Sojourner Beamed Spectacular Pictures Of Her One Of A Kind Mission Back To Earth And Millions Of People Were Captivated Now, With The Touch Of An Expert Thriller Writer, Sojourner Operations Team Leader Andrew Mishkin Tells The Inside, Human Story Of The Mars Pathfinder Mission S Feverish Efforts To Build A Self Guided, Offroading Robot To Explore The Surface Of The Red Planet With Witty, Compelling Anecdotes, He Describes The Clash Of Temperamental Geniuses, The Invention Of A New Work Ethic, The Turf Wars, The Chewing Gum Solutions To High Tech Problems, The Controlled Chaos Behind The Strangely Beautiful Creation Of An Artificial Intelligence And The Exhilaration Of Inaugurating The Next Great Age Of Space Exploration

5 thoughts on “Sojourner: An Insider's View of the Mars Pathfinder Mission

  1. Frederick Sonnichsen Frederick Sonnichsen says:

    Like other books concerning the space program e.g Moon Hunters this book is an interesting historical document concerning some of JPL s remarkable accomplishments In addition however, the author provides valuable technical insights into the unique thinking, problem so

  2. F.Oswald F.Oswald says:

    Good book for any fan of science tech NASA history I do wish it had gone into just a bit technical detail, but that s just a personal preference not really the writer s intent.

  3. Rick L. Rick L. says:

    Sojourner With this book you can view yourself on the voyage to Mars.These machines that man has put together so carefully are beyond most peoples comprehension The trick is to go along for the ride See things through the machines eyes Go on its travels.A new world awai

  4. David J. Atkinson David J. Atkinson says:

    I was also present during the early days of robotics at JPL and witnessed some of the events described by Mishkin I have worked with Andy Mishkin in the past and share his enthusiasm for our exploratiion of Mars I must take issue, however, with his characterization of th

  5. Juan Diego Rodriguez Blanco Juan Diego Rodriguez Blanco says:

    A little bit technical sometimes, but a very nice and sometimes personal story about the design and construction of Sojourner rover It was the first rover to move on the surface of Mars and I have very good memories of Mars Pathfinder Sojourner rover in 1997.

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