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Hakari, E: Skeleton Knight in Another World (Light Novel) Vo FIVE HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONEEn route to save the last of the enslaved elves, Arc and Arianne find themselves having to fight their way through ogres, monsters, and even a demon pirate when Arc s poor sense of direction gets them lost None of these obstacles, however, compare to what awaits them when they finally reach the Holy Revlon Empire a beast unlike anything they ve ever faced the five headed hydra Arc saves people, fights monsters, foils the plots of princes and kings without ever realizing it.It s of the same, but the same is fun adventure tales with a dash of humor so I don t mind a bit. Fantastic series of books I thought it would be unoriginal clone of other similar stories But it s actually really enjoyable Arc and Ariane continue with their quest to free the captured elves In the background bigger things are afoot, things that go farther than just a potential civil war The style of the story is much like in the previous parts and I liked it even some of the short changes in point of view For me they add depth to the world I also like it despite some of the Japanese LN clich s eg instantly drunk after one glass of alcohol Some of the bigger event parts were a bit confusing, too many names Still, an entertaining addition to the series and looking forward to the next part. Like the first two lots of action, illustrations are amazing, bloody fights with monsters slavers, mixed with a lot of good humor Can t wait to read vol.4 I enjoyed the continuation of this series.We get a wider look at the world including a look at some humans who like elfs and don t take them as slaves.Got a brief look into the two empires. I love this story It s like Overlord but the protagonist is good There s a certain silliness to his character that endears him to the reader It s also fun watching him slowly amass a group of women who trust him. My son loves it This book concludes an arc of the story, with the same level of character as the previous 2 books.It introduces a new character who initially seems to be the bad guy , but doesn t really flesh him out with much of a background, or details.Beyond that, not a bad read all in all. Excellent continuation of the series

About the Author: Ennki Hakari

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hakari, E: Skeleton Knight in Another World (Light Novel) Vo book, this is one of the most wanted Ennki Hakari author readers around the world.

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