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Shadows on a Cape Cod Wedding (Antique Print, #6) October On Cape Cod Is Always Beautiful, And Antique Print Dealer Maggie Summer Is Happy To Visit There To Help With Her Best Friend S Wedding Preparations Maggie Doesn T Anticipate The Murder Of A Neighbor, Nor Being Called Into Service As A Counselor And Interpreter Is She Really Essential To The Investigation, Or Is She Avoiding A Critical Discussion With The Man She Loves Before She Knows The Answer, There S Another Murderand A Hurricaneand Then Maggie Herself Becomes A Target

10 thoughts on “Shadows on a Cape Cod Wedding (Antique Print, #6)

  1. Kathie Kathie says:

    This story has a lovely background and somewhat interesting characters The murder mystery is okay, but the ending is weak.

  2. Sandra Sandra says:

    Possiblydeserving of a 3.5 rating.The preamble to each chapter quickly became tedious but the story was good.

  3. Suspense Magazine Suspense Magazine says:

    October has arrived on bucolic Cape Cod Shorter days, chilly temperatures, but still warm enough for an invigorating walk on the beach That s what Maggie Summer, the likeable protagonist in Lea Wait s Antique Print Mystery series is looking forward to after her long drive from New Jersey Invited to the Cape to serve as maid of honor in her best friend Gussie s wedding, Maggie s walk takes an unexpected turn when she stumbles over the b

  4. Tricia Tricia says:

    A few weeks ago, while reading heavier fare a memoir and a non fiction , I thought I wonder what happened in a couple of those other mystery series I used to read The Antique Print series was one of those I had to request this book through inter library loan, as my local library stopped at book 5 of the series The plot was pretty typical for the series Someone dies, then a second person dies not long afterwards Does this happen in the real

  5. Jeannie and Louis Rigod Jeannie and Louis Rigod says:

    This sixth novel in an unique mystery series known as An Antique Print Mystery was eagerly awaited by myself Ms Wait teaches us fascinating facts of Prints, Lithographs, Engravings, and history of same throughout the novel and at the beginning of each chapter.Maggie Summer, the main character is an Antique Print Dealer who travels to art shows, antique fairs etc Maggie is also a...

  6. Clay Stafford Clay Stafford says:

    A dead body on the beach, a second murder, and the looming hurricane amidst wedding preparations and a number of romantic and social issues set against an old antique shop are the stuff of this cozy Maggie Summer murder mystery sixth in the series One can smell the salt of Cape C...

  7. Libby Libby says:

    Maggie, an antique print dealer goes to Cape Cod for her best friend, Gussie s wedding and stumbles upon a dead body She is busy helping Gussie move her antiques shop, move Gussie out of her home into her new home, solve a mystery, make new friends and new enemies, and oh yes, anticipate the arrival of her boyfriend with whom she has a long distance relationship And she hasn t yet...

  8. Linda Smatzny Linda Smatzny says:

    This is the sixth book in the Antique Print Mystery series The main character, Maggie Summers, is on Cape Cod for the wedding of her best friend, Gussie While there Maggie finds a dead body on the beach It turns out the man was murdered Maggie feels compelled to find out why and starts asking que...

  9. Donna Donna says:

    Clever MysteryOnce again this mystery was well plotted with several focuses and engaging characters The relationship between Will and Maggie continues to develop but not in ways you d expect I even enjoyed the short blurbs at the beginning of each chapter describing a print its source and history.

  10. Petra Petra says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I did like this book although I wondered why nobody recognized Dan He lived in that town twenty years ago Surely someone would have recognized him And why did he fake his own death There didn t seem a reason to.

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