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Seaview Road After nineteenyearold Katie Murray witnesses the shocking coverup of a crime that could implicate Eric Clarke, the estranged son of her neighbors, she struggles with how much to divulge The two families spend their summers in an upscale Cape Cod locale where adults prioritize appearances and, as the opioid crisis wreaks havoc, steer clear of the inhabitants of the bluecollar town next door Driven by an overpowering urge to protect the downtrodden and infuriated by the complacency of the people around her, Katie makes decisions that could carry dangerous consequences for everyone involvedInsightful, heartwrenching, and peppered with wry observations, SEAVIEW ROAD is a story of family and alienation, of apathy and loyalty, of parentchild communication and the agony of missed connections

10 thoughts on “Seaview Road

  1. Brian McMahon Brian McMahon says:

    Enjoy if you can.

  2. MV MV says:

    Nice writing overall, and I loved the scenery and discussions of Cape Cod summers past and present. I can't travel right now, so I appreciate getting the feel for another place through the pages of a book. (I've never been to Cape Cod, either!)
    I would've liked more action and suspense. I also feel like I could've gotten to know some of the characters better than I did.
    There's a lot of disc

  3. Lance Tucker Lance Tucker says:

    Seaview Road captures the essence of coastal community summer life. McMahon carefully crafts a rich set of characters for us to follow. The writing style is visual and the characters are introduced to us in great detail. The dichotomy between tourists and locals, a topic too taboo for the characters to verbalize, serves as the backdrop for the novel's underlying tensions. As the plot develops and life even

  4. Mack Jones Mack Jones says:

    Perfectly placed, beautifully written, and a story that will resonate with Cape Cod residents and summer-weekend-warriors alike. Seaview Road makes us think about our vulnerability, or lack-there-of, with the people we love most and how seemingly simple choices craft our lives.

    Having grown up frequenting the Cape, I found myself immersed in the world of a novel I knew all too well. From Squall Lane

  5. Jared Ison Jared Ison says:

    In his debut novel, McMahon is able to capture a specific place, Cape Cod, with great detail, so well that even people who have not been there like myself can be transported there for 250 pages. More than that, McMahon's novel provides even greater insight into the challenges that test all communities and families, concerns about the future, about wealth, and about the places we call home. This book pulls you in ear

  6. Sheila Tucker Sheila Tucker says:

    Seaview Road by Brian McMahon is a wonderfully descriptive tale of summer life in a seaside community that leaves you feeling unsettled as a grim second story slowly and methodically unfolds. Anyone who grew up summering in a beach community will be captivated by McMahon’s Murray family and their South Monomo Beach neighbors and insist the main story is their own. Yet, the naggingly haunted narrative voice that tells t

  7. Chris Chris says:

    Seaview Road captures the true essence of summer in Cape Cod while beautifully depicting the complex relationship between two neighboring families. Whether you have spent summers down on The Cape is insignificant in enjoying the novel because by the end of the 250 pages you will have a rich understanding and visualization for the landscape and underlying truths of the vacation hub that are detailed in the novel. The juxtaposi

  8. Anne Mcshane Anne Mcshane says:

    One of my favorite high school teachers told us that one of the ways to judge good writing is to answer the question, Do I care what happens next? In Seaview Road, Brian McMahon has done an excellent job of keeping the reader on edge and definitely caring about what happens next. The Cape Cod setting - lovely homes, beaches, golf courses - sounds like the backdrop for a languorous, relaxing summer in a land of privilege. The two m

  9. Jack Coaty Jack Coaty says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed McMahon's Seaview Road. Whether or not you are familiar with summer in New England, McMahon's writing transports you to the Cape where you read descriptions of specific nights in great detail while simultaneously identifying with the characters' feeling that the days blend together between Memorial and Labor Days.

    The book is experienced in two parts; the first hundred-or-so pages familiarizes you with

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    The writing was smooth. I could have used a bit more scenery as most of the scenes were relegated to the personal feeling of the character., like family feelings that were intertwined with moments.
    Some of the characters seemed flat. Danny could have been quite strong. Eric had a short moment that was really well done when he took a moment to work through some feelings.
    Despite the turmoil of boxes or brochure life, the book

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