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Rockhopper Copper Conrad Glass MBE Is The Inspector Of Police With The Most Lonely Beat In The World He Patrols The Remote Island Of Tristan Da Cunha, A UK Overseas Territory In The Middle Of The South Atlantic Ocean No Aircraft Fly Overhead And None Can Land Few Ships Pass This Way Just People Live Here, Earning Their Living From Farming, Fishing, Conservation, Handicrafts And The Sale Of Coins And Colourful Postage Stamps Much Of His Work Is Involved In The Conservation Of Some Of The World S Rarest Species In This Fragile And Remote Environment It S As Much About Penguins As People This Is The Story Of The Tristan Islanders, Told Through The Policeman S Notebook And The Anecdotes Of Conrad Glass, A Former Chief Islander And Conservation Officer, Who Is A Direct Descendant Of The First Settler And Governor, William Glass, One Of A Garrison Landed To Prevent Any Rescue Of Napoleon From St Helena It Is The First Book To Be Written By A Tristan Islander Stories Of Rescue From Wild Atlantic Islands Volcanic Eruptions The Protection Of Penguins, Seals And Albatross Of Chase By A Whale Escape From Violent Hurricanes And The Keeping Of The Peace In This Most Remote Of British Territories There S A Glimpse Of The Island S Past Too Hidden Pirate Treasure, A Shipwrecked Lion, Ghostly Apparitions, Of Slave Ships And Abduction

5 thoughts on “Rockhopper Copper

  1. Culture Vulture Culture Vulture says:

    A gift and recipient most happy he had visited the island and collects the stamps and was thrilled by the book.

  2. K.P.S K.P.S says:

    I was so curious after reading a travel story about this island in The Week magazine, that I purchased this book Sometimes its a bit too meticulous in its details, but overall an interesting story that makes you feel what it s like to live in a very special place In a world of turmoil and war, how lucky are the people who live there.

  3. Arthur R. Clarke Arthur R. Clarke says:

    Tristan Du Cunha is a fascinating place And the people are tough I liked the book a lot.

  4. N. Wilstach N. Wilstach says:

    I bought this to learn about the most isolated populated island in the world It is a slice of a life that is very different from mine, or yours, I will bet.

  5. aidan aidan says:

    Lovely insight into a world that is out of this world Literally A nice read if you love remote islands and the way life is far away from you.

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