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Rocketman: Astronaut Pete Conrad's Incredible Ride to the Moon and Beyond An enjoyable book, but I was surprised at the number of errors Stuck choke on a Cub There is no choke on a Cub The caption on one picture says it is Pete posing with his T 38 it is an F 4 It also has a picture showing Pete and Dick Gordon along with Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott, and the caption indicates that Neil and Dave were the Gemini XI backup crew in fact, Pete and Dick were the Gemini VIII backup crew.Still, I m glad I bought the book and thoroughly enjoyed it It enjoyed the story of the round the world record I have seen that plane hanging in the airport in Denver, and Paul Thayer was previously the CEO of the company I retired from.If it hadn t been for the errors, I would have given this book 5 stars. He Was The Third Man To Walk On The Moon And The First To Dance On It For Pete Conrad, It Was All About The Ride Nicknamed The Comeback Kid, He Survived His Family S Financial Hardships, Overcame Dyslexia, Landed A Navy Scholarship To Princeton, And Became One Of The Country S Elite Test Pilots Never The Squeaky Clean NASA Poster Boy, He Famously Bounced Himself Out Of The Mercury Program But Came Roaring Back To Fly Two Gemini Missions, Walk On The Moon As Commander Of Apollo 12, Command The First Skylab, And Work To Develop The First Re Usable Commercial Rocket Logging Time In Space Than All The Original Astronauts Combined Based On Interviews Conducted With Conrad By His Wife Before His Untimely Death, Rocketman Is The Amazing But True, Surprisingly Candid Insider S View Of The Greatest Ride In History, America S Glorious Race To The Stars, As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Real Space Cowboy Pete Conrad, The Rocketman. This is a highly accessible account of Pete Conrad s life and career, but ultimately disappointingly lightweight and short.It strives for a swaggering style that is initially engaging but, by about a third of the way through, has become numbingly monotonous And the attempted muscularity of the writing ultimately fails to disguise the lack of content Anecdotes are fine, but with a subject this important it would have been good to have some proper research wrapped around them.The story makes huge jumps, focusing, for example, purely on those parts of the Gemini and Apollo programmes directly involving Conrad The text desperately lacks context And if you don t already know the details of many of these stories you may find yourself lost.Like too many biographies, this one nudges into hagiography far too often, which is arguably excusable given that one of the credited co writers is Conrad s wife But for all the pseudo gonzo posturing of the writing, it also can t resist descending into cheap sentimentality at times, with stories that are simply too cute to be credible Similarly, the invented dialogue which often feels like it s taken from a second rate screenplay, given how often it s expositional and seems to be there just to advance the plot ultimately undermines the book s factual credibility.This is a story of a man who deserves our respect told in a way that is thin, brief and unreliable. Charles Pete Conrad was a veteran of four spaceflights back in 1960s and 70s He helped break a new endurance record on Gemini 5, performed experiments and practiced docking on Gemini 11, walked on the Moon on Apollo 12, and helped repair an ailing space station on Skylab 2.The book is a pretty basic biography of Conrad First covering his childhood and teen years when he first gets interested in flying airplanes and then joining the Navy to become a naval aviator He attempted to be selected in the first group of astronauts NASA was choosing for the Mercury program, but he all but blew his chances He tried again for the second group and was accepted He flew on the four aforementioned flights.After returning from Skylab, Conrad retired from NASA to go into the private sector He tried an executive position, but was unsatisfied He loved flying too much He worked as an air crash investigator for a while and experimented with possibilities of commercial spaceflight Unfortunately, Conrad died before his time losing his life after a motorcycle accident in 1999.The book itself was a generally enjoyable read and one does get a sense of Pete Conrad s fun loving, can do attitude throughout it However, the book also feels rushed I found it a little frustrating to whip past parts without a lot of detail, especially during Conrad s NASA career in which mountains of information is available Also, those with an eye for technical details will probably be disappointed As has been said in other reviews, there are many small errors of fact in the book.In conclusion, I found this book to be an enjoyable, but too short, look at Pete Conrad If you are a casual reader looking for a definitive astronaut biography, I would pass this up If you are a spaceflight or Apollo holic, I would recommend reading this if you can stand a few errors. Unter all den B chern, die ich bisher zur Mondlandung gelesen habe, markiert dies mit weitem Abstand den bisherigen Tiefpunkt Offenbar hat sich ein professioneller Schreiber einige Nachmittage lang mit Conrads Frau zusammengesetzt und ihre Erinnerungen notiert Das wurde dann noch m chtig aufgeblasen, und fertig war das Werk. I held off reading this biography of Pete Conrad for years because it didn t seem to be of a high enough quality when I thumbed through it at the book store remember those After a recent trip to Kennedy Space Center Vistor s Complex, my interest in all things Apollo was revived and I decided to finally pick this book up.My original impressions were confirmed If any of the astronauts from the Golden Era of American spaceflight deserve a good biography, it s Pete Conrad Of all of the original space pioneers, he had one of the notable personalities What this book suffers from is Conrad s untimely death in 1999 His story has to be recounted through a series of anecdotes recalled by his widow and a handfull of people that he worked with over the years In the absence of the biography s subject for an eyewitness account, writer Howard Klausner resorts to a biographical format that I really don t like invented dialogue I had the impression that he took the collection of anecdotes that he had and spun semi fictional stories around them While they re all based in truth and the essential facts are correct, I just have a problem with creating dialogue between actual people that no one could possibly know or remember A book is either non fiction or it s not.That issue aside, I think this book gives a good flavor for the essence of the man it comports with other stories that I ve read about Conrad over the years He was a prankster and joker, someone who didn t take himself too seriously and didn t buy into the astronaut persona that the public expected He led an interesting life well beyond his astronaut career, never stopping to rest on his laurels Rocketman does an adequate job of delving into his career with McDonnell Douglas and the DC X program, but as with most of the rest of the book, I would have liked detail.So if you re looking for a light read of one of astronautics interesting personalities, pick up Rocketman Just don t expect anything as complete and compelling as First Man or Carrying the Fire.

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